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The Culture and Lifestyle of El Salvador

By: Cameron Caillouet & Ameerah Akhtar

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of The Culture and Lifestyle of El Salvador

The Culture and Lifestyle of El Salvador
By: Cameron Caillouet and Ameerah Akhtar
The current president of El Salvador is Salvador Sánchez Cerén.
He has been president since June 1, 2014

The national income is $24.26 bllion
The per capita income is $3,826.08
The most important source of income is agriculture, namely sugar and coffee.
Founded in 1524 by Pedro Alvarado
Capitol-El Salvador
Music of El Salvador
This kind of music is played during holidays
Modern music consists of Salvadorian Cumba, Hip Hop, and Rock
Music played is influenced by:
Dance in El Salvador
-An exotic dance in El Salvador is "Xuc"
-This dance is similar to Flamenco dances from Spain
Men's Clothing: -cowboy hat
-cowboy boots
Women's Clothing: -scapular
-cotton headscarf
Men's clothing is based on Salvadorian Cowboys
Traditions of El Salvador
Salvadorian cowboys shaped the country's traditions heavily
All of the traditions in El Salvador such as the dances, have no certain date
They are daily and can be watched with the price of a small fee
Capitol- San Salvador
Flag- Blue & white striped with a coat of arms
Republica de El Salvador en la America Central
Inspired by Argentina, who sent soldiers, and the Federal Republic of Central America's flags
Day of the Cross- celebrates start of rainy season: May 3rd
"Black Christ"-celebrates finding of a black Jesus doll
Famous for frequent volcanic activity
Tribe- Pipil. Speak endangered language Nawat.
Carlos Hernandez
-He is a profesional boxer that was born in El Salvador
-Raised through poor family/worked at young age
-Started to fight at a very young age
-Donates a lot of his earnings back to his home country
-Moved to the USA due to his career
Artesania de El Salvador
Sanchez Ceren
-He is the current president of El Salvador
-Born into a poor family/worked at a young age to survive
-Introduced to collective work/made him want to become successful
-He has helped to distribute the wealth around El Salvador
-Became president on June 1, 2014
Fiesta San Jose
-A festival for the patron saint of Jose
-The festival takes place on May 17th
-Festival takes place due to the large belief of Catholicism in El Salvador
-Celebrated through dance and floats
Semana Santa
-represents the birthday of what we know as "Santa"
-This holiday is celebrated immensely due to more than 2/3 of the population being Christian
-Mainly celebrated by the entire population going to church to worship their savior and throw flowers
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Artesania de El Salvador

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