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James and Chazzer

No description

lib hist

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of James and Chazzer

James and Chazzer
Bennie G. Adkins
even when wounded while being attacked by Vietnam forces Bennie ran through enemy mortar fire to man a mortar position and fire back even after the enemy fire receded he exposed himself to sniper fire to save many of his wounded allies. after that he successfully drew the enemy fire so his comrades could call for help. finally they escaped three days later they flew away in a chopper. He showed honor, courage, patriotism, and valor by putting the lives of other soldiers before his and protecting them so they call for help.
kyle carpenter
Robert foley, klye carpenter, benny g ankins, and james bondsteel all showed honor, courage, valor, and patriotism, and received the medal of honor by sacrificing themselves in the battlefield so they can save others. if all medal of honor recipients weren't there in the battlefield when someone else needed them, many families will get the bad news and would have to emotionally suffer.
Medal of Honor Recipients
James Bondsteel
James bondsteel showed bravery when he led his platoon to aid a faltering platoon they destroyed four enemy bunkers and joined up with the other platoon and then after rallying his men and attending to the wounded he took out four more bunkers with a machine gun threatening their advancement but they continued their assault by removing two more bunkers later bondsteel escaped near death when an enemy solider detonated a grenade at close range after the four hour battle by acts of courage bondsteel and his men have destroyed 10 enemy bunkers.
Medal of Honor
The medal of honor is the highest and rarest award in the army, navy, and air force this medal represents honor, courage, patriotism, and valor. these are the most important virtues of any solider in any department
James showed Honor, courage, patriotism, and valor when he took out the bunkers assisted others health while refusing help for himself and fought through though the odds were not in their favor.
This shows true honor, courage, patriotism, and valor he was brave and saved countless lives with perseverance
Kyle carpenter risked his life to save his fellow soldier. he was on top of a building manning a machine
gun, when i fleet of enemy soldiers started attacking with grenades. a grenade landed next to his fellow marine, and in complete disregard of
his own safety, he dived in front of the grenade. he shielded the marine from the grenade blast, saving the
marine, but severely damaging himself.
Kyle carpenter showed courage by diving in front
of the grenade, he showed honor by protecting
his fellow marine, he showed valor by jumping in
front of the grenade in disregard his own safety.
he showed courage and patriotism by joining the army, and he showed honor by choosing to protect his fellow soldier.
Robert Foley
robert foley was chosen to receive
the medal of honor because he
protected two injured radio men until
they could get medical care, then
protected an injured heavy gunner.
even though his legs were blown up
by a grenade after he seized a machine gun, he still attacked the enemy fleet straight on. robert foley destroyed three enemy machine gunner positions after his legs got blown up, and successfully protected the two injured radio men and the machine gunner.

Robert showed courage and valor by attacking the enemy fleet straight on, and he showed honor and patriotism by protecting his fellow soldiers even after being blown up by a grenade after he picked up a machine gun firing at the enemy
nonstop, and running towards the
Honor is when someone puts others before themselves and recognize that they aren't the only ones who have made sacrifice. They realize that they represent all the solders who gave their lives to protet this country.
Courage is when someone can persevere through issues and continue on in harsh conditions. Courage is sacrificing your comfort to protect the freedom of your country and your family, friends, and everyone in America.
Patriotism is when someone does something out of love of their country. All solders show patriotism by helping defend the country they love and defend others' freedom even though they may lose their life.
Valor is when someone shows perseverance in the face of danger. When someone can look death in the eye and not be afraid. This is when a man or women disregards his own life to save thousands of others.
our opinion
Our opinion on the medal of honor is that it stands for Honor, Courage, Patriotism, valor, and sacrifice. men give their lives to protect our and some are still alive and still are honored as veterans. this award means so much more than just these attributes. If we were to give everyone who deserved a medal a medal than thousands of them would be buried which almost every solder who gave their life to defend this country and what it stands for Freedom.
Thank you
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