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Inkululeko Island

No description

Noura Beiruti

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Inkululeko Island

Inkululeko Island
Founded by Alana, Carina, Noura, Sarah, Yasmin.
The island of many trades and cultures. We offer much to tourists, immigrants, and locals. All are welcome here!
Welcome to Inkululeko!!
- No public nudity.
- No poaching.
- No racial/religious/sexual discrimination.
- No littering.
- No pregnancy before marriage.
- Freedom of speech/expression.
- Children must attend school at the age of three.
- Children must be immunised before attending school.
- Anyone above 20 years of age may donate organs to a hospital.
Our Laws and Commandments
Our main exports are: medicinal herbs and pineapples.

Our country also specialises in making clothes and jewellery.
Exports and Specialties
Currency and exchange rates: 5SR --> 1 (Okame)
A typical salary for a higher-end job would be 300,000 a year.
Typical prices for properly crafted clothing is 15 +
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