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Central Florida Foot & Ankle Center

No description

Crystal Holmes

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Central Florida Foot & Ankle Center

The purpose of Central Florida Foot
& Ankle Center is to provide the
paitents that have hurt feet with
the need and care they need. Every
care they give and procedure they do
is excatly what the patient needs
even if it is not what the patient
wants. Central Florida Foot & Ankle Center
will be extened and well known. It
will be more technology based. The
center will be able to do all procedures
out of these offices and not need any
help. There will be more people working.
Also bringing in more income. This will
all be taken place fifteen years from now Emploity skills are needed for this job.
You need to have Math skills,Social skills,
ability to be heard also. Some people come
in here just with a high school diploma but
alot of people have to have a degree in what
part you work in. The salary for this job is very diffrent.
You get payed on how much you bring
in a month from insurances. Also from
the amount of patients you get a day and
the hours you work Central Florida Foot & Ankle Center! The Techonology used in this job is
useing the computer. You use alot of
programs on the computer. One i know
is using QuickBooks. The X-ray machine
is also used along with an ultra sound
machine also the shoe cleaner. the shoe
cleaner is stuck in your shoe and kills
funguses and other things. Skills you need for this job is
social skills and computer skills.
You have to have computer skills
because your constantly on the
computer no matter what area you
work in. You have to have social
skills because you have to use the
phones and talk to patients I think i would choose this job.
It seemed very interesting. It may
be busy but i think i could handle it. My favorite part about this job is
interacting with all the people
and actually being able to know
whats actually going on. Helping
people also.
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