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James Webb (legit)

"Pedro's got some serious swiggity swaggety sweg." - Ms. Simon 2014

Pedro Martinez

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of James Webb (legit)

James Webb Telescope Project
By Pedro Martinez, Demetri Manabat, Austin Keiser, and Andy Yim
Welcome to our presentation.
We will be going over our project, information about why we chose to do what we did, its build process, and information about the actual telescope itself. The calming background music will hopefully help you sit back and pay attention.

Thus concludes our presentation.
The Telescope
The James Webb Telescope is a brand new step in astronomical technology. It will allow for deeper exploration of space and its origins, extending the findings of the Hubble Space Telescope. Improved wave length coverage and sensitivity the telescope will be able to look closer at the formation of the first galaxies, and dust clouds where new stars and planetary systems are forming today. Using new infrared technology and new mirror tech as well, the telescope will also investigate the possibility of life in certain planetary systems.
Our Project
The Build Phase
We decided to build a model of the telescope, as shown here. It's made of household items but still took awhile to make. Without the efforts of our group leader Demetri we wouldn't have been able to make anything like it.
The Unknown
First, we gathered materials that were easy to find around the house. (Table Mats, Tuppleware, etc.)
After we found the right materials, we laid out the whole project so we knew where everything was going to be placed.
When we had everything laid out, with some hot glue, everything was put into place.
The telescope, afterwords, was touched up with extra paint and gloss.
This telescpe project allowed us to realize the awesome power of the new telescope, all while building one, albeit nonfunctional, on our own. We are just as excited and curious as anyone to see what new discoveries this amazing technology will find.
We'd like to dedicate everything we've done here to Ms.Simon, the most splendid and caring teacher that has ever existed. Without her, we would be completely lost and hopeless. She's the only reason any of us are successful. We can safely say she's out of this world. Thanks Ms. Simon!
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