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Dani Sexuality: A Low Energy System

No description

Kevin Wylde

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Dani Sexuality: A Low Energy System

Dani Sexuality: A Low Energy System
K. Heider Grand Valley Dani of Irian Jaya, Indonesia low sexual interest Abstains from sex for 4-6 years after giving birth Mostly monogomous no signs of stress or unhappiness while abstaining why? sex innate drive Freudian The Dani People learned culturally conditioning men culture children don't live an abstract lifestyle art conservitive hard to change Low energy system don't put much energy into sex or sexuality focus on keeping those alive still living hard to die Prenuptial Intercourse between the Sexes north-western Melanesia young age introduced to sex expectation of obediance with respect also child striking parents in retaliation nudity is normal as is sex sex starts at a young age sexual games age matters coming of age sex becomes serious age 12-14 still has outside sex even when betrothed "batchlor houses" group monogomy marrige finally can eat together as a couple Sexual inversion among the azande Common homosexual encounters between men and boys Lesbianism also documented Men married late 20’s-30’s Women married young Caused adultery Led to boy marriage boys ate out of sight like women

thought of a warrior educational system

had the same duties of wives Lesbianism
seen amongst the wives of higher individuals
punishable by death
feared by men
circumcised penile shaped gourds lesbians, men-women and two spirits: homosexuality and gender in native american cultures prereservation time berdache- similar to a drag queen many different genders many different places no set idea of hetero/homosexual Job based colonization changed everything generally frowned upon now whites and homophobia men and women
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