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No description

Maya Plaskon

on 5 April 2017

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Transcript of Symbolism

Significant Quote
Significant Quote-
"And when he ran out of breath and paused to inhale, the red ball suddenly burst into a flame."
Setting Significance
The setting of the
is the Canadian Wilderness.
A subject of a topic; the main theme in a story
- Violent disorder or commotion

-small amount,degree, increase.

- the act or process of transmitting

- lacking movement or development
By: Gary Paulsen

Figurative Language
Type: Personification
Would finally win, take him and his head
Symbols in literature have important meaning to the character or story.
Symbol- Hatchet
Meaning- survival
Textual evidence- "The hatchet was they key to it all."
*Never give up and never loose hope.
Textual evidence
"The wolf looked so right, so much better than him."
The time is in the late 20th Centrey in modern times.
There are beaches, tree land, caves and lakes Throughout the canadian wilderness. The setting varies throughout the story.
Symbol- Hatchet
Meaning- protection
Textual evidence- "His hand on the handle, as the day caught up with him he slept with the hatchet."
Symbol- Fire
Meaning- Light and heat
Textual evidence- "Through the cracks of the roof but held the heat."
Symbol- Fire
Meaning- Protection
Textual evidence- "A friend and a guard he thought, when he came to the fire the insects were gone."
*Survival of the fittest.
*Never loose hope even when you feel like you have nothing.
Textual evidence
"Wishing for death, wishing for an end he thought, clouddown, clouddown."
*Surviving in the wildness can be difficult,if you are weak something could take you down, food can be also difficult to find.
"As the plane hit a small bit of turbulence."
"He knew that at this angle, this slight angel down.."
"He turned his mike off without ending transmission properly."
"Noise and Static...."
Brain had made fire.
Significant Quote-
"Small mistakes could turn into disasters."
Brain is talking about how it was a really big mistake to cut himself.
Brain needed the fire for light and warmth to survive.
He wouldn't have learned from his experience.
Significant Quote-
"First meat."
Brain had caught and finally cooked the foolbird."
He would have died without food.
Significant Quote
"It was wind, wind the sound of a train."
A tornado was coming.
This flipped the plane giving him access to the survival pack.
Man vs Nature
"The skunk had snapped his rear end up,curved its tail over and had a direct shot.."
"With his eyes closed and his mind open he lay on the rock and hated and wished for it to end."
Man vs himself
Man vs Technology
"The fish spear didn't work."
Man vs Women
Man vs Socitey
"Brian's Mother would wanted to break his fathers marriage with her apart."
"Tried to explain to him in legal terms how all that he lived in was coming apart.."
"The skunk had found food and was taking it and Brian was paying for a lesson."
"With his eyes closed and his mind open he lay on the rock and hated and wished for it to end."
"The fish were just too fast."
"In the summer Brian would live with his father in the school year with his mother."
"Divorce, the secret.."
"He was momentarily blinded and slammed forward in the seat."

"His legs were on fire and his forehead felt as if someone had been pounding on it with a hammer."
"He saw the cut on his arm,the dry blood turning black.."
"The swelling on his head was nearly gone."
Type: Hyperbole
"The water was trying to kill him."
Type: Simile
"Now only there or four feet of the ground-all like a picture."
Type: Hyperbole
"Maybe I should figure out how I stand."
What it means:
The water was putting pressure on him.
What it means:
The pressure put down on him making him drown.
What it means:
Like it wasn't even real,like a picture frozen in time.
What it means:
He should try yo figure out what he has and what he has.
Maya Plaskon
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