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CLP Training talk #3

chassy tesoro

on 23 September 2012

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CLP Training:
HOW TO HANDLE A DISCUSSION GROUP They take responsibility for the
over all care of individuals in their groups.
They will personally oversee and
bring to issue each person's relationship
DISCUSSION GROUPS To help the participants to understand and digest the material presented To allow them to express
their thoughts & feelings,
& to give them a chance
to ask questions. To help people to open up & respond
to God's invitation and grace. To provide a place for them
to begin to experience Christian fellowship,
preparing the way to participation
in Christian community (SFC)
after the CLP. To help set the right tone THE ROLE OF A
DISCUSSION GROUP LEADER be early Be warm and friendly Be joyful and outgoing Participate enthusiastically simply pray To help evangelize those
IN your discussion group Remember the names & important details
of your discussion group members. Tailor the program inputs to your members' needs during the discussion.
You have freedom to lead discussions as you think best,
with the goal of making the message of the talks connect
with each one in a personal way. Follow up regularly with your group members during the week Intercede for them It is your responsibility to help them personally
& to do all you can to bring them to
commitment to Christ. Important general comments The team members' love for one another and
for the participants is a CRUCIAL element of the program Participating in the singing and fully in the prayers is crucial,
because that is the way the participants will learn how to pray Faithfulness to all meetings
IS absolutely essential LEADING A DISCUSSION GROUP The discussion groups form and begin right after the talk.
The men meet separately from the women Don't be overly serious, but maintain control. Inspire confidence in others that you know what everybody is supposed to be doing.

Remember that many people have never been in this type of discussion group.

Be clear about instructions like sitting in a circle, etc. For the first session,
start with introductions &
let everyone get to know one another Assure them that the principle of confidentiality
is at work in your discussions Let the group know that they
are FREE to ask relevant questions Don't let the discussion get off the subject usually best to open up the discussion to any questions only after you are sure they have understood the main points of the talks...

or if they won't share When answering questions, you don't need to offer everything on the subject, but only what will help the person most at this time in his/her life. On the other hand, be willing to say "I don't know" and/or "I'll find out". Don't talk down to people or
appear to be an expert on something you are not It is the discussion leader's responsibility
to schedule with the CLP Service Team or
(one to ones) 1.First Dialogue.

After the talk on Repentance and Faith ending Module One, the discussion group leaders meet individually with each of the members of their group. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO TAKE MODULE TWO IF THERE ARE SERIOUS THINGS THAT THE PERSON IS NOT WILLING TO TAKE STEPS TO AMEND.

Readiness also involves a willingness to follow Jesus and to learn more about Him
These individual meetings may be held at any place convenient to both leader and participant. It may be at either's home or office, in a church, in a restaurant, at a park, etc. The only requirements are privacy and a peaceful atmosphere If there are any issues on wrongdoing that you cannot resolve, refer them to the team leader. Also inform the team leader of any participant who cannot be allowed to go on, prior to the start of Module Two. The purpose of this meeting is to see how the participants are doing, and more importantly, to see whether they are ready to go on Second Dialogue.

After the 8th session on "Life in the Holy Spirit" ending Module Two The primary purpose of this individual meeting is to help the participant prepare for the prayer session where the participant is prayed with for a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Guidelines for the Meeting:

a)Start with a prayer. Foster an atmosphere of concern, friendliness and informality.
b)Find out if there are any questions regarding what has transpired in the program or if there are any problem areas. Discuss these. c)Check the participant's understanding of baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. Explain these concepts again.

If there is any hang up or fear in any of these areas, help the participant to get over them. d)If the participant has any involvement in the occult and the like (fortune telling, card reading, spirit of the glass, etc.),

which may or may not have been brought out in the first individual meeting, lead the participant to renounce verbally this involvement. e)Make sure that any serious wrongdoing which the partici¬pant disclosed during your first individual meeting is no longer present in his/her life.

Find out if there are other Areas of wrongdoing which the participant has not disclosed f)Find out if there are other obstacles to the full re¬lease of the Spirit in his/her life.

Check areas of unforgiveness, resentments, hatred, bitterness, etc. Lead the participant to forgive the cause(s) of all these negative emotions.

Pray for a repentant and forgiving heart g)Find out if the participant has had any traumatic experiences,

so that you can pray for healing of memories during the prayer session. h)Find out if there are other areas of concern or difficulties that the participant would like to share with you i)Ask if the participant has any prayer intention, or any specific areas that he/she would want to pray for during the baptism in the Holy Spirit. j)Encourage the participant (if Catholic) to go to confession,
to go to Mass and
receive Holy Communion, and to pray

prior for the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

k) Pray together at the end of the meeting The principle of confidentiality is still very much in force.

Keep to yourself whatever information is brought out, except what you cannot handle, in which case you should bring the same to the team leader.

Any discussion of serious problems should be only with the team leader (or if necessary with the supervising Unit Head or the Chapter Head), and should not be specifically taken up during the team meeting.

The team meeting is a time of sharing in general, to see where people are at. Always avoid gossip, slander, or any wrong way of speaking about any participant. Inform the team leader immediately of any problem you cannot handle or of any obstacle to being prayed with for the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Don't wait till prior to the prayer session itself. THE TEAM The team members are
above all witnesses. It is essential for the team members
to be FAITHFUL and RELIABLE He has to be growing in commitment to the Lord and to the life and mission of CFC. He has to believe in the message of the talks and to see the importance of helping a person become firmly established in Christ. He has to be committed to his part in the CLP
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