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school project , science black holes (!!!DONE!!!)

for school students who try to use my prezi, this prezi for their own projects you shall be haunted for the rest of your life if you get a passing grade when you copied my work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I will haunt you till you die!.......)

scorpy1222 scorpion

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of school project , science black holes (!!!DONE!!!)

BLACK HOLES Black holes have been around for as long as as we know. Did you know if our Sun became a black hole nothing would really happen? The paths of the planets would not change, although we would still die without its heat. What you knew and what you didn't know. Don't get sucked iiiiiinnnnnn!!!!!!! . . . . . Warning!!!!!!! This is the event horizon you are considered dead if you pass this point! ! What are black holes you may ask? They are a pinched part of space and time.
They are not tunnels to the future or through time,
but are interstellar vacuums with a vary limited range. --nly the things beyond the event horizon are spared. Event horizon How are black holes made you may ask? Black holes are made from neutron stars.
A neutron star with too high of a gravitational force for it to support will collapse in on itself and create a black hole. Q & A Questions and Answers Can two black holes cancel each other out? How big can they get? How small can they start? What’s the average distance between them? Can they vacuum up sound? Do they spin in a certain way? Can they move? Can we make them? Safely? Can they absorb each other? Is what they suck in gone forever? Can they only draw in a limited amount of mass? No, at least not right now with the current technology we have. The largest are called "supermassive" black holes which have masses that are more then one million suns together. We do not currently have an answer. Yes, because nothing can escape a black hole once it's passed the point of no return. All we know is that they spin. We do not currently know any more than that right now. Yes, in the path the star was going before it became a black hole. Yes, in theory; however, it's not possible with today's level of technology. Yes, if they do, they grow much bigger. Yes, inside the black hole it is crushed beyond recognition by gravity and is never seen again; however, "Many black holes form jets and winds of spectacular power and variety." Yes, it will use up all of its energy eventually; however, the time it takes is astronomically long!!! (ie: 1,000,000,000 years) . . . . . Black holes absorb light. edit chat: "Squid man" the Professor of Science! E=MC 2 Black hole I, Squid man, say that black holes are cool . Black hole

sources: http://www.space.com/10831-black-holes-spin-physics.html











http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/space/universe/sights/black_holes No, they merge together
and form a more massive one. Can we harness energy from a black hole? One atom is the smallest;
although, it would have the mass of a large mountain. 5+ Created by
R.J. R

A special thanks to
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