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The Best Remembrance Day Assignment

WW I and WW II information.

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Transcript of The Best Remembrance Day Assignment

Remembrance Day Why do we remember? Who do we remember? What do we remember? How do we remember? The brave soldiers who fought and died for us. We remember the poppies on Flanders Fields where our brave soldiers fought. Because without their bravery in taking upon the fight, our world would not be as much of a peaceful state of which we are at right now. We remember these brave soldiers by standing up with a moment of silence on Remembrance Day. In memory of all those who fought and died for a better future. Canada's service men and women have served this nation from the first world war to current missions. They step forward in our time of greatest need because they believe in peace and security around the world. They have left their villages and cities, their farm and fishing communities, to make a difference. And they did. We remember by wearing poppies on Remembrance Day. The soldiers' braveness which they used to fight for our freedom. -Eighty percent of the Soviet males that were born in 1923 did not survive World War II. -Germany lost one hundred thirty-six generals which equals to the ratio of one death in every two weeks. -Fourty thousand men served on U-Boats during World War II. Among the fourty thousand, thirty thousand never returned.
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