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Many Things About Myself

Ben Kwon's Life

Ben Kwon

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Many Things About Myself

By: Ben Kwon My Life Story To Start off, I was born in Seattle, Washington on March 1, 2002. The Beginning of Life I grew up there but didn't stay there for so long. I moved to New Jersey and stayed with with my grandparents for a long period of time. My mom had a physical problem so she was at the hospital. My Childhood When I was 4, my mom came back and picked me back up. Meanwhile, my dad had found a dental lab in Indiana. So we moved again to New Albany, IN. Moving to Indiana I grew up there for about 2 or 3 years. Then my dad found a better dental lab that was on sale. So my family moved out searching for a new home. My parents got a house and I was happy. My Life Starts a New Journey I still live in the same house that I ended my story with . I have 1 dog named Peanut and have 2 chickens. I have a mom, dad, and a sister named Amber. And so now you see my life story and I hope you enjoyed it. My Life Right Now Please remember to comment! The End!!! For Now Bye
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