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Walk two moons

No description

Anaya Johnson

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Walk two moons

Main characters
- Salamanca [Sal] Hiddle, Who is on a journey to find her mother.
- Phoebe Winterbottom, Who is also on a trip to find her mom.
- Gram & Gramps, Which help Sal on her journey with a few stories on the way.
- Winterbottoms, A family of polite people who can't live without each other.

This is the happy and confusing ending. The good part is that the Winterbottoms are reunited
This is the part when Mrs. Winterbottom vanishes with no clues behind for her family. Phoebe is devasated and needs all the help she can find. This is also the part when Gram gets bit on the the leg by a snake.
The author of Walk two Moons is Sharon Creech. The book has won the 1995 John Newbery Medal.
I think the Tone/mood of this story is a nice little story that is also very adventurous.
Walk two moons
Publisher and publication date
Walk to Moons was published by Scholastic Inc. , 557 Broadway, New York arranged with Harper Collins Publishers. /Copyright 1994 by Sharon Creech.
The setting in the story first starts out in Bybanks, Kentucky where the main character Sal lives before her and her Father move to Euclid, Ohio and meet Margaret Cadaver who Phoebe thinks is an axe murderer.
Authors purpose
The authors purpose in Walk to Moons is to ENTERTAIN , because when Phoebe's mother dissappears she is beliveing that the lunatic who is leaving notes in front of her door has taken her mother, and because of that event the Winterbottoms go crazy creating entertainment.
Conflict , Resolution
C - Phoebe's Mother dissappears one day with no clues to find her.
R - Phoebe and Sal try most the possible solutions like going to the police station , or when all else fails trying to find her themselves.

In the beginning Sal and her Father move to Eluicd where Sal meets her best friend Phoebe; The Face in the Window.
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