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The ALAN Review

No description

Ashley Graham

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of The ALAN Review

Founded in 1973
For Educators, Students,and Authors
Give out Grants and Awards
Published three times yearly.
Annual Convention
A branch of NCTE
Editors: Wendy Glenn, Ricki Ginsberg and Danielle King
Teaching Strategies
Layered Literacies
Banned Books and Classroom Self-Censorship
Social Media to facilitate deeper learning
Helping Adolescents Face life's Challenges
Book Reviews and Recommendations
Research Tools
Academic Journals like "The English Journal"
YA Lit
Research Experiments
The ALAN Review
Personal Experience as Educators
Openers, Middles and Closers
State what the paper is about
Headings for each section in bold
Classroom Application
Closing Summary
The Main Goals
Helping Adolescents Face Life's Challenges
Exploring Gender, Sexuality and Self-Censorship in the Classroom
Book Clubs, Video Games & Adolescent Learning
Improving Classroom Digital and Non-digital tools
Further YA Lit
Improve Education

-Clip of The ALAN Convention
Somewhat Liberal Viewpoints
Great intentions-Help Youth and Teachers
Encourage Innovative Teaching and YA Novels
Push for improvements in Education
Aim to Serve the YA Community
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