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Script Updates

SIC script updates- 1038 Team

Elisabeta Hampton

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Script Updates

Connection With a Purpose
"Hello, may I speak with <student name>,"..........................

"Hello, <student name>, my name is <First Name> with Ashford University.

Thank you for reaching out to us for additional information about how a degree would change you. I'm looking forward to helping you."

Connect with a purpose.......................................................

Connection Example:

SIC: "How's your research coming along so far?"
PSI: "Honestly I've been too busy to set much time aside to do it."
SIC: "I understand. That's probably why you were looking into our online programs. Ashford offers flexible programs to work around your schedule."

"<Student Name>, my goal is to provide you the information you need about Ashford University. To Ensure that information is always 100% accurate, I want to let you know that this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes."
Motivation and Warm Transfer
If student has not completed any level of education verify the exceptions
Ask, "Have you completed any college classes? If Yes, " How many credits?"
If less than 60 credits ask, "Have you thought about when you might complete your GED or high school equivalent? If no-Proceed to NQD
if yes- and within 60 days update H for CHAMP notes and proceed to Age requirement
If 60 credits or more update H for CHAMP notes with response and proceed to Age requirement
Listen, Connect, Reaffirm
Compliance & Congratulate
"By taking the initiative to request information
you completed one of the most challenging steps in your educational path. Well done!"
Active listening
Listen, Connect, Reaffirm
Build Rapport
Script Updates 2013
"Your previous experience helps determine what the next best step will be for you,
so let's review some basic information to
determine if you meet our education requirements"

"What is the highest level of education that you have completed?" (continue listening to full conversation)
No HSD/GED? How many college credits?
if less than 60-verify if pursuing a GED or equivalent within 60 days- if yes-continue to Age
if no-NQD
if 60 credits or more-update notes & proceed to Age
~Active listening
(Update Employer field in Talisma
Listen, Connect, Reaffirm
"To be an online student you will need full
Do you have access to a computer connected to the internet?

Active Listening
"Thank you, <Student Name>,
this information
helps me know what the appropriate next steps are
that will
help move you toward your educational goals. Now let's talk about your thoughts on getting that <_______________> degree."

Transfer to counselor
Connecting with a purpose video -Just click on link to open:

Full Script:
Matrix Employer list (which can change often)
Where to enter employer information
"Thank you so much for sharing! You have given me all the information I need to get a better picture of your situation
<Student Name>
. I've identified
the perfect
counselor for you. He/She will give you a few more details regarding your degree and answer anymore questions you have. If you'll hold for a moment, I'll get your counselor and introduce you.
"Ashford University has partnered with hundred of organizations to provide educational opportunities for their employees. We want to ensure you reap any benefits you may have earned, can you tell me a little about your current or most recent employer?"

Be aware how the compliance verbiage was said within the first 60 seconds with the student
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