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Romiette and Julio

No description

NLHS English

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Romiette and Julio

By: Sharon M. Draper Romiette and Julio Major Characters Romiette Analysis of Major Characters Romiette is the narrator of the novel. She is African-American. Romi is 16. She is simple minded. Romi doesn't let alot bother her. She has a great fear of water. She has a reoccuring dream of drowning. She works at her mothers boutique. She loves her friends and family and is trying to always look on the bright side of things. Major Conflict Setting The setting is in Cinncinnati, Ohio. It takes place during the winter. This is important to the novel because it effects the mood of one of the main characters, Julio. It affects his mood because he misses Texas and he hates the gang activity taking place in Ohio, where he lives now. Plot Julio Minor Characters Destiney Ben Mr. Cappelle Mrs. Cappelle Mr. Montague Mrs. Montague Julio just recently moved from Corpus Christi, Texas. Julio is Hispanic. He can speak Spanish fluently. Julio is angry throughout the book, until he meets Romiette. He is strong and tall. He is very laid-back unless someone threatens him. Julio: Romiette: Quotes Quote 1: Symbols: A major symbol regularly presented in the novel is fire and water. In Romi's dream she drowning. She has a deep fear of water. Julio is afraid of fire. Both of these things, fire and water, are used in the ending of the story for a significant reason. The major conflict is between The Devildogs (a gang) and Romi and Julio. The Devildogs are out to get Romi and Julio because they are a interracial couple. They are also out to get them because they think Julio is from a gang back in Texas. The gang harassings of Romi and Julio continues until it reaches the breaking point. This was an example of real life gang activity happening in the United States right now. Prezi by: Rachel Casteel Recommendations This novel was great. I liked this book because it was based on a real life situation. This book was a page turner. I would defiantly recommend this book. I was interested throughout the entire novel. Romiette and Julio are just two ordinary teenagers. They met on an online chat room for teens. They realized they went to the same school and decided to meet up one day at lunch, That started their connection with each other. They were together all of the time. When a gang in their school, The Devildogs, found out about their relationship they began to harass them. They threatened them everyday for being together. Finally, they became fed up with it and with the help of their friends they decide to catch the harassment on video and warn the city of gang violence in schools. Their idea went terribly wrong and turned into a situation of life or death. Theme: There is a theme in the novel. The lesson taught in my opinion is to stay true to yourself and don't back down from something just because someone else doesn't like it. This idea is developed because The Devildogs test the relationship of Romi and Julio, but they don't back down. Quote 2: ."Romi stood there shaking and angry. 'Peace? Doesn't look like it. I wonder what that was all about. Something's going on here.'" This is important because this is foreshadowing into what will happen later on in the story. "'Soul mates,' he said quietly. 'Forever'". This is important because they stayed together and got through all their problems to be together.
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