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Presentation Content 360

4xM Mixed Media Match Makers

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Donkeypedia

www.donkeypedia.nl Walking with a donkey Italian test walk Dutch pilot Online Live Channel Follow Donkeypedia and Share places, stories and thoughts by uploading pictures and videos with your mobile phone Children map Assignments online Quartet of Special Spots Most Scary Spot Most Dreamy Spot Most Relaxing Spot Most Pleasant Spot Publishing Online and Offline Results Children direct
adventures Via a Live Mobile Connection
we know where to Go At arrivel there's a mobile
alert with assignment fulfill the event
by taking pictures & movies The route and events will be
directly visible online of the Donkey Re-experience Donkeys journey and
events with your own mobile phone IP-TV Channels
and YouTube International
Weblogs News Papers International
News Sites Austria We are planning to walk in Europe We Love to walk in Austria Mobile Phone Spanish Adventure Cristian Bettini 2006 2007 Ubimedia Real-life metaphor

Mapping and Sharing


Walking and Learning Participated 2009 2008 "Place sunflower seeds to make a
new start and cheer up this scary spot" "Place sunflower seeds to make a
new start and cheer up this scary spot" Shared Association Tool Europe Future ...seeking Producer: Joost van Eeden
Interaction Designer: Wytze Voerman 2008 / 2009 The Donkey Low- impact
Child friendly
High-tech Connects Live and Living Platform cross-media 'feel' european
know each other
know who 'WE' are A non-linear way of navigating through the stories.

Children enrich their stories by adding their own perceptions and feelings (associations). ie. scary, fun, dark.

A collective web
of multimedia stories originates, showing the overlap and differeces in europe, in a non-linear way.
Hence showing who they are (bare with us, it's a leap, we know) SAT tells you
who the European children are
in fun and exiting way. follow direct guide We (europeans) don't: Focus on children They're the future
More flexible Basic concept: Bring together european children with a multimedial platform
share places, stories, thoughts and feelings
show differences
show similarities
Experience each other Show them who 'they' are Cross-media Format Route as a Guideline
Directing to certain spots (mobile platform)
Documenting local stories
Uploading media
Follow the journey live No more vagueness:
An example of the directing process Background Our basic concept Guide the Donkey Mobile alert Documenting
and Uploading Following live Who are the European Children? Map assignments finding the
assignments Hiha! Donkey as powerfull metafor Storycollecter (offline)
Storyteller (online) Any questions? Before we go into the details of the equiptment
a little bit of conceptual background is in place digital, mobile, real-world
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