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Trafford's Story

No description

Tori russell

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Trafford's Story

Thank You!
What are CHD and HLHS?
Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) is the most common birth defect, affecting 9 in every 1000 new borns.

HLHS is a rare type of CHD. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is where the left side of the heart does not develop properly and is too small .

Trafford was born on May 22nd 2013 and seemed to be a healthy little boy.

This is the very reason Trafford’s family want to raise
about the condition as this can go undetected.
Just as they were preparing to take their little boy home to his 3 older brothers, Trafford's parents were hit with the devastating news of their baby's heart defect, HLHS.

Trafford had to undergo major open heart surgery at just 5 days old.
After his operation, Trafford struggled to make a full recovery however after four months he was allowed home.
The Underground Tattoo Studio
91 Lichfield Street
West Midlands
Help Raise Awareness for CHD AND HLHS
Trafford's Story
It is more common in males than females.
- Trafford at 3
days old.
His parents were waiting to be discharged when they were told that Trafford had a grade 3 heart murmur.
Trafford was lucky his condition was diagnosed this soon. Without treatment, HLHS can be fatal within weeks of birth.
HLHS is made up of a collection of problems that occur on the left side of the heart:

The left ventricle is small and the Mitral and/or the Aortic valve may be narrow, blocked or have not formed at all.

The Aorta is small and there is usually a hole in the atrial septum (known as atrial septum defect).
This limits the oxygen supply to the body.
Within an hour of this picture, Trafford went into cardiac arrest.
"We thought we had lost you but the amazing staff brought you back."
-Trafford's dad, Lee.
First photo with his brothers
This was Trafford's first bath.
It could have been his last, as after this bath the doctors gave him a drug called catropril which floored his blood pressure.

They spent 6 hours trying to save his life as he was in a critical state.
Doctors told Trafford's parents to prepare for the worst.
But this little boy is a fighter, and he pulled through.
Here he was allowed outside the ward for the first time in 3 months.
Trafford with mum and dad at Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Watching Man Utd beat Chelsea
For the first time since birth, Trafford was at home on day leave from BCH.
On 14th November 2013, Trafford had his second open heart surgery. The major op lasted 6 hours and Trafford's speedy recovery was miraculous!
3 days after surgery
"November came and you were back in for your second open heart surgery and all the doctors and nurses told us to prepare to spend Christmas in hospital, but you amazed everyone and in just under 2 weeks you were home and you got to spend your first Christmas at home. We know we are going to have to spend a lot of time in and out if hospital with you but you won't be alone, we know you are terminally ill and don't know what the future holds for us but today you have reached a milestone in your life. Happy 1st Birthday Son."
-Taken from a Facebook status Trafford's dad posted on his son's first birthday
So what are we doing?
Wait, who are 'we'?
We are doing a 12 hour tattoo-athon at The Underground Tattoo Studio Walsall - to raise awareness for CHD (congenital heart defect), to raise funds for Birmingham children’s hospital PICU, and for Trafford and his family.
The tattoo-a-thon is to take place on the
2nd November 2014.
appointments will be taken in advance. Walk-ins
. You must be
years of age if you are wanting a tattoo and please bring
Small = no bigger than palm size
£20 EACH
But that's not all...
Free food
Art sales
Live music
Plus, full day tattoo sittings worth £400 being auctioned off, with artists such as Steve Cutter and Matt 'Oddboy' Barratt-Jones.
Jason Butler (From Retribution tattoo in Brownhills):
A tattoo piece
Josh 'Sempiternal' Williams: (From Sempiternal Ink in Blakenall, Walsall) A portrait tattoo
Lee Howell: Half a day sitting (*AT HIS STUDIO IN DEVON*)
Lee 'Leb' Barlett (From Underground Tamworth): Full day sitting
Gray Silva: (From Rampant Ink in Nottingham) A drawn piece
: Underground Tattoo Studio Walsall
Who will be at our studio on the day?
Mick McCormack (founder of The Underground Studios)

Maz Holbrook (Underground Walsall Artist/Studio Manager)

Daniel Weller (Underground Walsall Artist)

Ellie White (Underground Walsall Artist)

Lee Howell (from Legacy Tattoo in Devon)

Serina Russell (Underground Walsall Finance Manager/ Co-Owner)

Juliann Carpenter (Mother Underground, Mick's wife)

Steve: Ink, Oil & Razorblades (In Bedford, Bedfordshire)

Oddboy: Real-Art (In Syston, Leicester)
With extra help and support from: (so far)
Jim Gallagher - https://www.facebook.com/tattooerjim

From the USA

Cavemankyle Stratton - https://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Art-and-American-made-tattoo-studios

Bobby Wadham - https://www.facebook.com/EpidemikInk559

Live acoustic music by Danny TCB Jones.

T-shirts by Chris Perry.

Baby hampers by Lindsey Carpenter.

Sponsored by the beautiful ladies Josie and Coley at Central Tattoo Supplies.

What can YOU do?


Trafford's dad has had a replica of his son's scar tattooed on him by our Artist Dan.
He is also going
to have his son's
heart monitor readings tattooed
on his chest on the day of the tattoo-a-thon
Manchester United Football Club
Smyths Toy Store
Fairlawns Hotel and Spa
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