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Mcdonald's Information System Management

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Jaspreet Singh Bedi

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Mcdonald's Information System Management

Some Interesting issues
First issue is to know who has access to the information system because it is important to protect this system from potential competitors so it is better to implement a more secure information system in the future that is more difficult to hack into it, as there is a lot of company’s would want access to the information’s of McDonald’s.
Second issue is to know where the data is coming from, if it is collected from the customer, then the customer better be informed of this and they should agree to give this information about themselves so it will mean more accurate computations of this data.
Third issue is how to make sure that the same information system is being used the same way in every McDonald's branch all over the world.
Made for you system
Point of Sale system ( POS)
Information systems supporting business processes
Transaction Information System (TPS)

Information Systems



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McDonalds' uses MIS to produce periodic reports of their employees and hours of work, or a monthly report of expenditures against budget.

The purpose of MIS is to provide profitability and information to help managers and to make employees understand the company's performance.
Types of MIS in McDonald's
Whenever two people make an exchange, it is called a transaction. Transactions are important events for a company, and collecting data about them is called transaction processing.

Examples of transactions include making a purchase at a store, withdrawing money from a checking account, making a payment to creditor, or paying an employee.

Because transactions generally involve an exchange of money, it is critical that the data be protected during transmission and stored carefully so that it cannot be altered.

It is also critical that the data be saved so that managers can verify the data if any conflicts arise.

Also, the sales and purchase data from the foundation of the accounting and financial systems of every company, so the system must be able to produce the standard reports .

This new system is certain to revolutionize the fast food industry

McDonald’s management decided to apply this TIOS in order to minimize labor costs. 

TIOS-Touch Interface Ordering System
POS (Point-of-sale) System
McDonald's uses the POS system- "point-of-sale" to ensure the orders quickly and accurately, because it will accelerate the business processes.

With these systems, each command is immediately transmitted and the cashier knows instantly how much payment is due.

POS system: Industrial touch screen computer with in-built McDonald's proprietary POS software.

Runs on Intel Pentium II with an adjustable monitor and Dot-Matrix Display.

Business Strategy and Information Management Systems
Decision Support System
By using the DSS it helps the company choose or make the right decisions based on the quality of the data and its ability to analyze data.  

McDonald’s has used Wi-Fi in their restaurants to gather information about customer practice and sales

Payment System
McDonald's is always looking for new and innovative ways to use technology to improve customer service

McDonald is expanding its use of an electronic system that lets customers pay for their orders.

In this system McDonalds use modern technology to facilitate the McDonalds In this system, when a customer places an order, the sandwich element appears immediately in the computer screen in the kitchen and a bell to alert kitchen staff

In this system” the meal prepared after the person orders the meal not before” which mean that while you are make the order the worker in front of the screen click on the what you order and the order goes immediately to the kitchen where the chef made the meal just on the time he saw the order not before so that the meal be more tastier and fresher arrives to the customer in a few minutes

Hyperactive Bob system
In this system McDonalds use modern technology to facilitate their working.

In this system, when a customer places an order, an icon appears immediately on the computer screen in the kitchen and a bell to alert kitchen staff.

In this system” the meal prepared after the person orders the meal not before” which means that while you make the order the worker in front of the screen clicks on the what you order and the order goes immediately to the kitchen where the chef makes the meal just when he sees the order not before so that the meal is more tastier and fresher and arrives to the customer in a few minutes.

Suggestions and Recommendations
Provide access to information from anywhere, any time.

Head office management and regional office management access to the proposal for status monitoring and tracking.

Create a business management database that is useful to management, sales managers.

Besides real time online systems, develop data mining application for strategic management of business.

In order to solve that problem it will be important to redesign the intranet system of the company that will implement the content management system of CMS that will help to maintain in efficient and consistent manner the information across the site.
DFD of McDonald's

TPS in McDonalds

Each time the company places an order with a supplier, a transaction occurs and a transaction system records relevant information, such as the:

supplier's name,
credit rating,
the kind and quantity of items purchased,
the invoice amount,

(electronic procurement, sometimes also known as supplier exchange) is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer or Business-to-government purchase and sale of supplies, Work and services through the Internet as well as other information and networking systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning.

How E-Procurement Works
E-procurement is a Web sites that allows qualified and registered users to look for buyers or sellers of goods and services.

Buyers or sellers may specify costs or invite bids online.

Customers can Qualify for volume discounts or special offers on the web.

It also allows automated buying and selling using e-procurement software.

McDonalds E-Procurement System is basically a main reason for their successful supply chain management.

It is so efficient that it provides the backbone not only to all the logistics but the whole McDonalds supply chain management.

McDonalds E-Procurement System
How McDonald’s Uses E-procurement Systems
Emac Digital:
(Internet procurement site designed for McDonald's Corporation's 27,000 franchises )

Emac Digital Company is E-Procurement website which is jointly owned by McDonalds and Accel-KKR Internet Co.

It is a procurement hub launched in 2001 allow all of McDonald's franchises across the globe to buy everything needed to run their restaurants.

Aside from being faster and more convenient for franchisees, the procurement site also allow business owners to buy supplies and materials at a discounted price, ultimately reducing costs for McDonald's.

The entire management information system of the company focus on key ratios, strategic plans and marketing analysis that can help to analyze the current situation of the company that will help for establishments of strategies.

The technical information focuses on the variance analysis and exception reports that help to compare the development of the company, based on past data.

Above all, the operational information pertains on the current information such as the invoice, customer orders, stock records and sales.

Policies, Procedures and Systems

McDonald’s implement this system to let their employees know when they are about to be occupied, the system uses computers and cameras on the roof to monitor traffic entering the parking lot of a restaurant and drive-thrus.

This system “based on the computer vision to manage the kitchens at so-called quick-service restaurants”.In this system they use cameras on the roof of the building that monitor the entrance of traffic at the McDonald’s restaurants and the parking lots to see the number of people coming to the restaurant when the workers are busy to know how fast they need to be to make the meal.

And what amount of meats, chickens, fries and other things they need to prepare
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