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The House of Hades

No description

Edward Hwang

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of The House of Hades

Chapter 27 Summary
Hazel and Jason walk up the cliff and learn that the robber is named Sciron, and Hazel remembers what he does when he's done taking the valuables.
Chapter 30 Summary
Percy obtained many curses including Annabeth by defending and killing the arai.
Chapter 23 Summary
Bob sees one of his brothers reforming, and Percy tells him that Bob is a good Titan and that Hyperion is a bad Titan.
Chapter 19 Summary
Hazel gets breathes in the katobleps breathe and goes into a coma, while Frank tries to bargain with Triptolemus to try to help her.
Chapter 22 Summary
Percy and Annabeth finally get food from the real world from the offerings for Hermes.
Chapter 15 Summary
Annabeth stalls time, but the empousa Kelli didn't have enough patience, and attacked, but suddenly a Titan appeared.
Chapter 16 Summary
The Titan kills the empousai and heals Percy and Annabeth's wounds, and says his name is Bob.
Chapter 17 Summary
Frank, Nico, and Hazel search for the owner of the book that the dwarfs stole from.
Chapter 18 Summary
Frank, Nico, and Hazel anger monsters called katobleps.
Chapter 14 Summary
Percy and Annabeth get attacked by the empousai they were following.
Chapter 12 Summary
Leo leaves Jason behind and makes homemade bombs in order to stop the dwarfs and catch them.
Chapter 11 Summary
The dwarfs steals most of the shiny things on Leo's ship and run, but Jason and Leo are trying to catch them.
Triptolemus accepts the deal as long as Frank can get him a python, which Frank does by killing all the katoblepones.
Chapter 21 Summary
Percy and Annabeth finally get to relax or sleep in Tartarus with their friend Bob who is guarding them.
Chapter 24 Summary
Bob, Percy, and Annabeth walk into a forest and find a bunch of demon ladies.
Chapter 25 Summary
Hazel finds Gale, a weasel that follows Hecate.
Chapter 13 Summary
Percy and Annabeth climb down a massive cliff trying to catch up to the empousai.
Chapter 28 Summary
Hazel does what Hecates wanted her to learn, and that was create The Mist, which she does to fool Sciron.
Chapter 29 Summary
Bob learns that Percy has made him forget his memories of who he was, and doesn't protect Annabeth and Percy.
Chapter 9 Summary
Leo has a dream about a giant who consumes all magic, and a women who wears a pendant that looks like a circular labyrinth.
Chapter 10 Summary
Leo, Hazel, Nico, Jason, and Frank group in the mess hall to learn about information when suddenly dwarfs appear on the ship.
Chapter 8 Summary
Annabeth see monsters and she mouths, "Empousai, Vampires" (Riordan 55).
Chapter 7 Summary
Percy and Annabeth walk to a river called Phlegethon, but they encounter an enemy a long the way.
Chapter 5 Summary
Percy and Annabeth have reached Tartarus.
Chapter 6 Summary
Percy and Annabeth face something worse than hell itself.
Chapter 4 Summary
Hecate shows Hazel a crossroad in which she would have to choose.
Chapter 3 Summary
Hazel meets the Goddess of magic, Hecate.
Chapter 1 Summary
Hazel's horse Arion appears as she prays to her father, Pluto, for assistance.
Chapter 2 Summary
Arion sends Hazel to something that looks like a growing tornado.
Chapter 31 Summary
Bob helps Percy again.
Chapter 32 Summary
Percy was cursed with gorgon's blood just like how he killed a person, so Bob wants to take Percy to a giant that might know how to cure it.
Chapter 33 Summary
Jason dreams about Reyna coming to see him.
Chapter 34 Summary
Everyone Diocletian who was an emperor who has a staff that can be used to bring a legion of undead soldiers.
Chapter 53 Summary
Annabeth and Percy meet Nyx, and Annabeth is trying to stall or figure out a way to get to the Doors of Death without dying.
Chapter 50 Summary
Leo learns that the girl's name is Calypso and that the island is Ogygia.
Chapter 52 Summary
Leo finally found the girl he likes and then he was forced to leave.
Chapter 51 Summary
Calypso helps Leo build his ship only because she doesn't believe in Gaea, and she knows that he is needed in order to stop her.
Chapter 55 Summary
Annabeth and Percy fell onto Mansion of Night, and walked through it with their eyes shut.
Chapter 54 Summary
Annabeth finds the chance and jumps with Percy into Nyx's domain, which is the only way to the Doors of Death.
Chapter 57 Summary
Leo's ship and Jason's group except Leo land in the lord of the South Wind's place from the bomb.
Chapter 56 Summary
Percy and Annbeth reach the Doors of Death.
Chapter 58 Summary
Lord Auster gives Jason Grace venti, which turn into horses to control in order to steer the ship into Leo's direction.
Chapter 59 Summary
Jason reaches the destination they are looking for.
Chapter 64 Summary
Hyperion and Krios meet Bob because they are pressing the elevator button, which is how the monsters get out of Tartarus.
Chapter 63 Summary
Percy and Annabeth see the chains from the Doors of Death and they immediately want to cut it.
Chapter 62 Summary
Along the way, Bob encounters one of his brothers, Koios.
Chapter 67 Summary
Frank realizes that his friends are unable to do anything but stall because they can't control the undead Roman legion, but Frank steps it up and tells Jason to give him the leadership of prateor
Chapter 68 Summary
Chapter 26 Summary
A robber comes and asks for valuables to Leo's crew or friends.
Chapter 49 Summary
Leo landed somewhere and accidentally broke a girl's dining table.
Chapter 48 Summary
Percy manages to fight back knowing that he is the son of Poseidon and that he can control water that Akhlys created in order to destroy them.
Chapter 46 Summary
Annabeth tries to trick Akhlys in giving the Death Mist, which she does.
Chapter 47 Summary
In return, Akhlys outsmarts Annabeth and Percy because when they are in Death Mist form, they can't do anything.
Chapter 61 Summary
Percy, Annabeth, and Bob walk around Tartarus to reach the Doors of Death entirely.
Chapter 60 Summary
Jason realizes that something upsets Leo and he makes it seem that it isn't important and that they should get back to business.
Chapter 65 Summary
The ship finally reaches the House of Hades.
Chapter 66 Summary
Frank sees a ghost from his dead family, and he gets separated from Hazel and Leo, since they are on their own journey to fight a sorceress and a giant.
Chapter 45 Summary
Finally Percy and Annabeth reach the person who can put the Death Mist on them.
Chapter 44 Summary
She manages make the dragon head active again, but Khione's damage was done and a bomb exploded with wind, and Leo was apparently sent to an unkown place.
Chapter 43 Summary
Piper tries to do something crazy, and charmspeak an inactive head of a bronze dragon.
Chapter 42 Summary
Piper realizes that the only way it can be cold in July is if Khione, the goddess of snow.
Chapter 41 Summary
Piper says "to storm or fire Gaea must fall," she infers that meaning storm or fire that one of them will sacrifice their life, since another prophecy says an oath to keep with a final breath.
Chapter 39 Summary
Damasen let's Percy rest and cures him and let's Annabeth sleep with him.
Chapter 40 Summary
Percy and Annabeth go back to their journey to find what is called the Death Mist.
Chapter 38 Summary
Percy and Annabeth meet the giant, Damasen.
Chapter 37 Summary
Bob, Percy, and Annabeth see a drakon charging.
Chapter 35 Summary
Nico and Jason meet an angel called Favonius, and they ask to be sent to Cupid.
Chapter 36 Summary
Nico tells Cupid who he liked, and then Diocletian's scepter lay on the floor.
Chapter 78 Summary
Reyna and her group say their good byes, so that they will be able to bring peace to Romans and Greeks, since war is about to happen.
Chapter 77 Summary
Reyna talks about how peace can be made with Romans and Greeks, and the only way to do that is if she brings the Athena Parthenos with her, and Nico and Coach Hedge volunteer to help her.
Chapter 76 Summary
Clytius dies, and Hazel and Nico shadow travel the group in order to get out of the House of Hades, and they find a visitor on the ship.
Chapter 75 Summary
Hecate came and stalled enough time for Frank to bring the rest of the group to help kill Clytius.
Chapter 70 Summary
Damasen joins the party against Tartarus and his monster army along with the help of the drakon.
Chapter 71 Summary
Bob tells Annabeth and Percy to go through the Doors of Death, so that he can press the button for twelve minutes for them to reach.
Chapter 73 Summary
Hazel meets Pasiphae who is the sorceress she's suppose to fight using The Mist.
Chapter 72 Summary
Annabeth and Percy talk about their guilt leaving Bob and Damasen to fight for them, which will only lead to their friends' death.
Chapter 74 Summary
Hazel manages to beat Pasiphae in the battle, so now they need to deal with Clytius who is the giant to destroys magic, and then the Doors of Death ringed, and Leo somehow threw a screw and opened the elevator.
Chapter 69 Summary

The House of Hades
Chapter 20 Summary
Tartarus in his true form vaporizes Hyperion and Krios, and Bob and his little pet fight back in order to help Percy and Annabeth.
Frank becomes a praetor and takes charge or a undead Roman legion to fight back monsters that came from the Doors of Death.
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