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Bears Kindergarten Unit

No description

Brooke Meissel

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Bears Kindergarten Unit

Arts Integration with a Bear Unit
By Brooke Meissel

Watercolor Paints and Pencils
Students used our echo draw technique to draw an outline of a bear. They were then shown how to use water color pencils to color in the bear. Lastly the students used their favorite color to paint the background.
Going on a Bear Hunt

Students had a great time making up their own actions to the song "Going on a Bear Hunt" by Greg and Steve. They decided to march around the room and perform!
Bear Unit for Kindergarten
Studying bears is a unit I do in the spring. Students do research about bears in the classroom and we also take a field trip to the zoo to confirm the things we have learned about bears. The following are the units of study we did with bears.
Bear Poetry
Students used an alphabox to write down interesting words about bears. They then created a poem together!
What do Bears Look Like and Eat?
Students use many nonfiction books to research what bears look like and eat.
Watercolor pencils: Loosely color in the parts of the bear then with a wet paint brush "paint" over the pencil marks to blend the colors together.
Watercolor paints: Students used the wet on wet technique with their paints. With a wet paint brush paint over a small area of the paper, then dip brush in paint color and continue to paint. One may see blending between paint colors.
Furry, long clawed
San Diego Zoo Observation
Students are able to go to the San Diego Zoo website and observe live panda bears and polar bears.
-Brown, Black, White,
Black and White
-Eyes, Long Nose, Mouth,
Claws, Paws, Furry
-Small, Large
Students research:
Why bears hibernate
What bears eat before they hibernate
What bears eat after they hibernate
Where bears hibernate
I read the book "Blueberries For Sal" as background before we solve addition and subtraction problems.
Solving Addition and Subtraction Problems
Students are given a work mat with a picture of a bear in nature and fresh blueberries. I then read story problems and students must solve by moving the blueberries to the correct place on the mat. Students then write the number sentence to match. We end the activity by giving more blueberries to the students to eat and enjoy!
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