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Imperialist Wars: War in Iraq

No description

Matt Baker

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Imperialist Wars: War in Iraq

Imperialist Wars: War in Iraq
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Laptop

- I can assess the War in Iraq

Table of Contents
Page: Imperialist Wars: Iraq
Page: Iraq War Reasons

Create a GoogleDoc. Answer the following question.

How did the Frontier Thesis encourage US involvement in the Spanish-American War?
Iraq War Key Facts
- 2003 - 2011
- President George W. Bush
- Toppled Saddam Hussein
- Unpopular war
- Response to terrorism
Reasons for the Iraq War
- Assign everyone in your group a topic
- Weapons of Mass Destruction
- Terrorism
- Oil
- Democracy
- Human Rights
- Go to the station with your topic
- Research the topic at your station
- Take your info back to your team
- Share your findings
Sharing your Findings
- Back with your group share what you found
- Each person gets 3 minutes to share with their group
- Must talk about it with your group, not just copy
- Be sure to get all 5 topics covered
- Take the key notes on your sheet
- Decide which one was the biggest reason
What did we find?
Spanish-American War v. Iraq War
- In your notebook, create a Venn Diagram
- Compare the Spanish-American War to the Iraq War
- 4 comparisons in each
- Be prepared to share
Writing Prompt
On your GoogleDoc you created earlier, answer the following question:

Was the Iraq War an imperialist war? Were we justified in invading?
- Complete sentence
- Use evidence to support your answer

- This should be at least 2 paragraphs.
Gatsby Discussion
Take 2 minutes, discuss chapter 3 of Great Gatsby with your table
Gatsby Quiz
Take 12 minutes to answer the questions

- Complete sentence
- Explain stance
Iraq War Context
- 9/11 attacks
- Fear of Weapons of Mass Destruction
- Terrorism
Start by Googling "Rationale for the Iraq War"

Go to the Wikipedia page
Debrief Yesterday
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