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Section 3, Chapter 9 - Expansion In Texas

Remember the Alamo

Tom Waranavage

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Section 3, Chapter 9 - Expansion In Texas

Sam Houston
Flag of The Republic of Texas
March 1836 – Santa Anna’s troops executed 300 rebels at Goliad
April 21 (6 weeks after The Alamo)
Texans struck back
Led by Sam Houston
Defeated Santa Anna @ Battle of Jacinto
“Remember the Alamo” – rallying cry
Texans killed 630 soldiers in 18 minutes
Captured Santa Anna
The Lone Star Republic
1833 Austin met with Mexican President – Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Petitioned for greater self-government of Texas – sovereignty
Austin jailed for inciting revolution
Santa Anna revoked local powers in Texas and other Mexican states
Rebellions erupted
Texas Revolution
“Come to Texas”
1835 – 1,000 whites per month streamed into Texas
“G.T.T.” – carved into doors of settlements – Gone to Texas
1836 population of Texas
3,500 Mexicans
12,000 Native Americans
45,000 white settlers
5,000 African Americans
“Come to Texas”
1830 – Mexico sealed borders & heavily taxed American Imports
Mexico lacked ability to patrol border
Between 1820-1834 – white population doubled
1835 Austin won repeal of prohibition on immigration
“Come to Texas”
Former Presidents JQA and AJ offered to buy Texas from Mexico
Mexico refused
Austin in Texas
“Go to Texas” – Propaganda posters
Americans wanted to extend US boundary to Rio Grande River
Austin in Texas
SFA Logo
Stephen F. Austin
Manifest Destiny
Economic interests

You know what is coming
Mexico Invites US Settlers
American settlers:
Bought cheap land
Pledged to obey Mexican laws
Observe official religion of Roman Catholicism
Mexico Invites US Settlers
Who do you think has the greater claim to a piece of land – an absentee owner or the person who takes care of it? How do you think the two should resolve their differences over land rights? Explain.

Moodle Forum Post
Why did Mexico encourage settlement in Texas?
How did Texas gain its independence?
Essential Questions
1838 Sam Houston invited US to annex (add, incorporate) Texas into US
Debate raged over slavery
1844 – President James K. Polk
Favored annexation of Texas
December 29, 1845 – Texas 28th state
Mexico outraged
Recalled ambassador from Washington
Texas Joins the Union
Sam Houston State Logo
Santa signed Treaty of Velasco
Granted independence to Texas
Santa Anna freed
September 1836 – Sam Houston – president of the Republic of Texas
“Lone Star Republic”
Set up army & navy
Flew its flag – lone gold star
The Lone Star Republic
Santa Anna marched army towards San Antonio
Austin & followers called for Texans to arm themselves
Late 1835 – Texans attacked
Drove Mexican forces from Alamo – abandoned mission and fort
Santa Anna responded by attacking fort
Killed all 189 US defenders
Jim Bowie & Davy Crockett killed
“Remember the Alamo”
Rio Grande River
Stephen F. Austin
Most successful empresario
By 1825 issued 297 land grants – “Texas’s Old Three Hundred”
Each family received:
177 acres of inexpensive farmland
4,428 acres for grazing
10 year exemption from paying taxes
Austin in Texas
Encouraged American farmers to settle in Texas
Mexico Invites US Settlers
Large territory hard to control
Nat. Am. Threatened

Impact of Mexican Independence
The Mission System
Section 3, Chapter 9 Expansion in Texas
“Remember the Alamo”
Settlers – Protestant
Settlers – spoke English
Many settlers from South – brought slaves
Texas Fights for Independence
Tensions – cultural issues and slavery
Prevent border violation by horse thieves
Protect Territory from Native american Attacks
1821, 1823, 1824 –
land grants

A gift of public land to an individual or an organization
Agents who recruited American settlers
You know what is coming
Mexico - Catholic
Spoke Spanish
Opposed Slavery
Spain ruled Mexico for 3 Centuries
Spain used missions to:
Convert Native Americans to Catholicism
Settle native Americans on mission lands
Mexico Gained independence 1821
Some Native Americans forced to remain as unpaid laborers
Led to retaliation by Comanche and Apache
Trade boomed between US and Mexico’s northern provinces
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