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Crime and punishment

No description

razan ahmed

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Crime and punishment

Crime and punishment
to not disclose a secret information about someone in order to get what you want
The act of stealing
unit 3 lesson 1 reading
to take away someone by force
usually in order to keep the person as a prisoner and demand money for returning the person
To kill a human being unlawfully
The crime of deceiving someone to gain money or personal advantage
producing a copy of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art
use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system

unable to be explained or accounted for
After reading the texts A-F. which of the following is the best summary sentence for all six text ?
A. most people sympathise with unlucky criminals.
B. stupidity doesn't pay and neither does stress
C. stupid criminals are always punished by the law
D. stress and stupidity are serious crimes
Match the words with their meaning.
1.inexplicable ( )
2.villain ( )
3.curled up ( )
4.seized ( )
5.getaway ( )
6.withdrew ( )
a.took out
d.impossible to explain
g.lying in a position with arms and legs close to the body
A bad character in a film, story etc..
To take hold of something quickly and with a lot of force
to escape from someone who is chasing you
Curled up
to lie or sit with your arms and legs bent close to your body
to take something from somewhere especially to take money out of bank
1. inexplicable (d)
2. villain (e)
3. curled up (g)
4. seized (h)
5. getaway (b)
6. withdrew (a)
Match the phrasal verbs in the texts with their meaning.
1. break into ( )
2. make off ( )
3. hold up ( )
4. go through with ( )
5. pick out ( )

a. to do something despite the difficulties
b. to choose
c. to leave quickly
d. to rob
e. to enter by force

1. break into (e)
2. make off (c)
3. hold up (d)
4. go through with (a)
5. pick out (b)
Phrasal verbs
Break into
to enter a building using force to steal something
Make off
To leave quickly
to try to steal money from a shop, bank etc..
Hold up
Go through with
to do something despite the difficulties
to choose someone or something from among suck as group of people.
Pick out
Answer the question 1-15 write A-F in the box.
1. Remind the scene of the crime until the police found him? [ ]
2. left behind evidence that led to his arrest ? [ ]
3. decided to commit a crime spontaneously ? [ ]
4. planned to commit more similar crimes ? [ ]
5. never went to jail because his attempted crime was so amusing ? [ ]
6. misunderstood police instructions ? [ ]
7. was/were arrested because the victim left something important behind ? [ ]
8. injured his own partner in crime ? [ ]
9. confessed to his own crime ? [ ]

10. Tried to sell stolen property ? [ ]
11. Only took what was his already ? [ ]
12. thought the target would be easy ? [ ]
13. made the victim believe he had weapon ? [ ]
14. was/were arrested after the police were told what he looked like ? [ ]
15. was/were too used to thinking lie an honest person to commit a crime ? [ ]

1. [ b ]
2. [ e ]
3. [ e ]
4. [ a ]
5. [ b ]
6. [ d ]
7. [ c ]

8. [ a ]
9. [ d ]
10. [ c ]
11. [ f ]
12. [ a ]
13. [ f ]
14. [ d ]
15. [ f ]
Razan Alregaibah
Deal with
To take action to do something, especially to solve a problem
to try to find out the facts about something, such as a crime or an accident, in order to learn how it happened, who did it, etc..
to reach a decision or agreement.
to do something that is illegal or harmful.
The feeling that you care about and are sorry about someone else's trouble.
Arwa alaqeel
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