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Captain Medulla

No description

Madi Braman

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Captain Medulla

Captain Medulla
Superpower: Can hold his breath for long periods of time
Weakness: Longer periods of holding breath slows down heartbeat.

Professor Pons
Superpower: Can change faces, he is the master of disguise.

The Occipital Knight
Superpower: super vision,able to see through walls.
Weakness: cement walls.
Amy G. Dala
Superpower: Influences other's emotions.
Weakness: Has uncontrolable anger when she sees pickles.
Lady Left and Lord Right
Superpower: (LL) Chemist who blows up cities by touching the ground. (LR) Can imagine anything and have it become reality, such as monsters.
Weakness: Cannot be apart from each other, otherwise their powers don't work
Superpower: Can instantly understand any language
Weakness: Can only speak Italian
Dynamic PIT
Superpower: Can grow and shrink at will.
Weakness: Unable to change height during rain.
Dr. Thalamus
Superpower: Can send messages to people with his mind
Weakness: Can't send messages if the person is wearing a hat.

Mister Motor
Superpower: Can move and run extremely fast.
Weakness: Powers are inhibited by grass
The base of the brainstem. controls vital functions such as heartbeat, breahing, and blood pressure.
Occipital lobe:
Located at the back of the brain. intercepts messages from our eyes in the visual cortex.
located just above the medulla. connects the hindbrain with the mid brain and forebrain. involved in facial expressions.
two almond shaped neural clusters
that are linked to emotion.
Left Hemisphere:
Linear thinking mode. right hand control. controls writing, language, scientific skills, mathematics, lists, and logic.
Right hemisphere:
holistic thinking mode. left hand control. controls emotional expression, spatial awareness, music, creativity, imagination, dimension, and gesalt.
Wernicke's area:
interprets written and verbal speech.
pituitary gland:
regulates growth, controls thyroid, ovaries, or testes, pancreas, and adrenal cortex; regulates
water and salt metabolism.
motor cortex:
controls voluntary movements
messages are sent and received in the
thalamus from the spine to the brain and
vice versa.
(specifically emotions linked to the fight or flight responses.)
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