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Middle Colonies

By: Deahna Wall, Belle Benavente, Carin Poblete, Simone Leal. and Madeline Gonzalez

Simone Elise

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Middle Colonies

The Middle Colonies
By: Belle Benavente, Carin Poblete, Deahna Wall, Madeline Gonzalez, and Simone Leal

Established in 1624
Given to the Duke of York as a gift from King Charles
Nationality was mainly English (white)
Religion - Quakers and Lutherans
New York
Most colonies were started because of religious freedom.
Why were the colonies started?
Family Life in the Colonies
8th Grade
6th Period

Middle Colonies
The Colonies:
New York
New Jersey
William Penn
Peter Stuyvesant
He was the founder of Pennsylvania.
Wanted to create a safe home for Quakers
Wrote the first constitution that allowed settlers to elect their leaders
By : Deahna wall :)
Governor of New Amsterdam
Forced to give the land to England
The land then became New York
Most religions wanted to believe what they want.
They wanted to escape the church and seek freedom.
By: Deahna wall :)
Benjamin Franklin
Founded the University of Pennsylvania
Delegate to the Continental Congress
Made famous by his inventions
Map Facts
"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."
-William Penn
Colonies: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
Major Rivers: Hudson and Delaware
Major towns: New York City, Georgetown, Trenton, Philadelphia
Families earned a living by farming.
The colonists lived in farmhouses.
Boys helped plant and harvest crops.
Women did housework, cooking, and sewing.
New Jersey
Established in 1664
Southern half of New York
Promised settlers religious freedom and large land grants
About the Colonies
Established in 1682 by William Penn
Penn built a safe place for Quakers to live
Lived in peace with the Indians
Religion were Quakers, Nationality was English
Established in 1638 by Peter Minuit and others
Southern half of Pennsylvania
Nationality was English (white)
Religion was mostly Quakers
Type of Colony
Delaware - Proprietary Colony
New Jersey - Proprietary then Royal Colony
New York - Royal Colony
Pennsylvania - Proprietary Colony
How Did The Middle Colonies Influence Our Society Today?
Join us in the Middle Colonies!
The End!!
William Penn wrote a constitution, influencing our country.
He fought for religious freedom and equal rights.
Now in the U.S. we have the 7 principles of govt.
Simone & Madz
You can have religious freedom!
You can negotiate land taxes!
You can elect your rulers!
You can keep your property
Soil was rich/fertile that was the main facot in producing more food than the Southern colonies.
They are home to the industrial revolution, which is where shipyards and factories were formed.
They did not have a main religion; for example, there was Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, and Jews.
The original colonies were named Provice of New York, which is now New York; The Provice of New Jersey, now New Jersey; The Provice of Pennsylvania, now Pennsylvania; and the Delaware Colony, now Delaware.
They were called the "Breadbasket Colonies" because they grew wheat, grain etc.
Fun Facts
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