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Copy of Health and Wellness: 6 Components of Health

http://health14s.blogspot.com/2011/08/6-components-of-health.html http://prezi.com/iro0y1guc-xs/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Health and Wellness: 6 Components of Health

Environmental Health
Access to clean air and water
Prevents disease and creating health-supportive environments, like asthma, cancer, food poisoning, e coli, etc.
Has clean uncrowned and safe living space
Recycles used paper glass and products like aluminum
Social Health

to make and maintain relationships
healthy relationships = support and overall improved sense of well-being
having respect for others and being able to express needs, communicate, to others
What is Health?
Emotional Health
Not to get overwhelmed by emotions
to laugh, to cry , self-injury, charity and communication all impact emotional health
Expresses emotions constructively in positive nondestructive way
Asks for help when sad
Physical Health
how well your body functions and being rid of sickness and illness
eating right, diet
BMI and weight
alcohol and drugs
"a state of physical, mental, and social well-being".(WHO definition)
being rid of disease, sickness, and illness
multidimensional; 6 components of health
wellness = balance
the quality of the relationships around you: family, friends, teachers, etc.
All aspects of a natural and built environment that may affect human health; everything that surrounds you, your family, friends, and community
How you express how you feel: anger, jealousy, etc and how to express them in a positive nondestructive way.
Spiritual Health
personal creed, principles of behavior, ways of achieving peace of mind, and being at peace with one's self
recognizing individuality and self-worth
respect and appreciation for self and nature
feels a unity with other human beings
live in yourself with uniformity and harmony
deep-seated sense of meaning and purpose in life; sense of direction
living according to ethics morals and values
goals, values, philosophy, and peace
demonstrating love, hope, integrity, and sense of caring for one's self and others
Maintaining harmonious relationships with other living things and having meaning and direction in life.
Mental Health
anxiety, stress, confidence, emotions, focus, perspective, motivation
how you feel about yourself
being free from mental disorders
ability to learn from mistakes
trying new things
symptoms: feeling extremely sad, worthless, and hopeless, often very angry or worried, and feel grief for a long time
Ability to recognize reality and cope with demands of daily life

Actions that potentially threaten health
tobacco use, unhealthy dietary behaviors, inadequate physical activity, alcohol and other drug use, behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence, and poor hygiene

Eight to ten hours of sleep
Avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
Eat nutritious meals complete with appropriate servings of fruits and vegetables as well as drink eight cups of water each day
Engage in 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity daily
Wear seat belts
Use sunscreen
Wearing safety equipment
Bathe, floss, and brush your teeth daily.
Taking Charge
continuum ranging from death to optimal health
each component affects overall health; all interconnected
wellness= best achievement in all six components; optimal level of energy and feeling of well being
sliding scale, always apt for change
ongoing lifelong commitment (health triangle)
Wellness comes from making responsible decisions and practicing healthful behaviors based on your health literacy(health knowledge and healthy attitude)
Your behaviors move yourself closer to optimal health
Wellness: Striving for
Optimal Health
Health and Wellness:
the six components of health
By Rachael Tang
What characterizations make up the meaning of 'health'?
Risk Behaviors
Health Tips:
Think of what health means to you. Who do you know is "healthy"? Why do you think this is?

Thanks for Watching.
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