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No description

Razadon Taylor

on 27 September 2012

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SIR BALIN LE SAVAGE Becoming Sir Balin Sir Balin spent 6 months as a prisoner for accidentally killing King Arthur's cousin. King Arthur decided that Sir Balin did not mean to do it and released him from prison. Shortly after a Damsel came in to the great hall. The Quest The damsel wore a heavy sword. She is forced to wear it until a worthy knight withdrawals it from her. Sir Balin Sir Balin, poorly dressed, asked the damsel if he could try and withdrawal the sword after many knights failed. He succeeded and asked the damsel if he could keep the sword. Foretelling The damsel told Sir Balin that if he does keep the sword he will kill his best friend with it. Self Willed regardless of what the damsel told him, Sir Balin kept the sword, saying he would never kill his best friend WARNING! Sir Balin read a sign as he was riding that said " Let no Knight go to the castle, for great danger is there." Told ya So... Sir Balin rode on anyways and when he reached the castle, wanting to rest, it was the custom of the castle that he who enters must fight. the fight One catch to fighting there was you had to where the armor given to you, not your own, so the fighters had no clue who they were fighting. The 2 knights put up a great fight, Sir Balin gave a death stroke and the knight fell. Sir Balin took off his, and the fallen knights helmet, only to find his brother's face.
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