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Heroes Through the Ages

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Jessica Scaggs

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Heroes Through the Ages

Heroes Through the Ages
Ms. Scaggs, 9th Grade English
Greek Heroes
Coming from a warrior culture, these heroes possessed strength and courage. Although larger than life, in the sense that they were often half-gods, they were not immortal. But through their superhuman deeds and sufferings here on earth, they achieved a type of immortality.
Romantic Period Heroes (18th century)
Lord Byron himself is the paradigm for the Byronic hero, a moody, mysterious, social outcast, yet one who possesses courage and a fascination for others.
The early American hero, a pioneer like Daniel Boone perhaps, shows the values of a new country: courage, desire to enter into the unknown, willingness to endure hardships, need to be independent.
Renaissance Period Heroes (15th century)
A courtly man whose versatility led him to excel in art, literature, diplomacy, warfare, and everything else, is hero of the period. Leonardo da Vinci is an example of this “universal human.”
Old English Period Heroes (5th-11th century
As with Greek culture, this period honors the warrior hero. Beowulf, from the Old English epic of that name, embodies qualities the Anglo-Saxons held in high esteem: courage, loyalty to a king and fellow warrior, ability to perform superhuman deeds
Medieval Period Heroes (13th century)
King Arthur or one of his knights embodies the ideals of this age: courage, loyalty to God and king, chivalrous behavior toward women and the helpless.
American Literature Heroes (19th -20th centuries)
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