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Kelly Fuller

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Kamasutra

Vatsyayana Mallagna
5th century CE
written in Sanskrit
Kama- one of four goals of life
Emphasis on erotic pleasure, fulfilling relationships, courtship
Divided into 7 Books
Love, Pleasurable, Desire, Sex
Treatise, Binding that holds together
"Love guide"
1. Summary of text
2. Meanings of Achieving Three Aims of Human Life
3. Exposition of the Arts
4. Lifestyle of the man-about-town
5. Reasons for Taking Another Man's Wife

Book 1: General Observations
Book Two: Sex
6. Sex Typology
7. Types of Love
8. Ways of Embracing
9. Procedures of Kissing
1o. Types of Scratching
11. Ways of Biting
12. Customs from Different Regions
13. Sexual Positions
14. Unusal Sexual Acts
15. Modes of Slapping

16. Accompanying Moaning
17. Woman Playing the Man's
18. Man's Sexual Strokes
19. Oral Sex
20. The Start and Finish of Sex
21. Different Kinds of Sex
22. Lovers' Quarrels

Book 3: Virgins
23. Courting the Girl
24. Making Alliances
25. Winning a Virgin's Trust
26. Making Advances to a Young Girl
27. Interpreting her Gestures and signals
28. Adavnces a Man Makes On His Own
29. Advances a Virgin Makes to the Man She Wants
30. The Advances that Win a Virgin
31. Devious Devices for Weddings

Book 4: Wives
32. The Life of an Only Wife
33. Her Behavior During His Absence
34. The Senior Wife
35. The Junior Wife
36. The Second-Hand Wife
37. The Wife Unlucky In Love
38. Women Of the Harem
Book 5: Other Men's Wives
39. On The Characteristic Natures of Women and Men
40. Causes of Resistance
41. Men Who Are Successful with Women
42. Women Who can be Won Without Effort
43. Ways of Becoming Intimate
44. Making Advances
45. Testing Her Feelings
46. The Duties of A Female Messanger
47. The Sex Life of a Man in Power
48. The Life of the Women of Harem
49. The Guarding of Wives
Book 6: Courtesans
50. Deciding on a Friend, An Eligible Lover, and An Ineligible Lover
51. Getting a Lover
52. Giving the Beloved What He Wants
53. Ways to Get Money From Him
54. Signs that His Passion Is Cooling
55. Ways To Get Rid Of Him
56. Getting Back Together With an Ex-Lover
57. Weighing Different Kinds of Profits
58. Calculating Gains and Losses, Consequences, Doubts
Types of Courtesans
Book 7: Erotic Esoterica
59. Making Luck in Love
60. Putting Someone in Your Power
61. Stimulants for Virility
62. Rekindling Exhausted Passion
63. Methods of Increasing the Size of the Male Organ
64. Unusual Techniques
Sex Positions: Kama Sutra
-variety of sex positions- man on top

'- man is larger than the woman
Elephant Cow
'- woman is larger than man

'Doe' Position

3 positions to chose from

1. "Wide Open"- "her head thrown down,her pelvis raised up, she is 'wide open'"
2. "yawning"- "without lowering her thighs, suspending them while spreading them wide apart, she receives him in the 'yawning' position"
3. "Junoesque"- "parting her thighs around his sides, at the same time she pulls her knees back around her own sides, in the 'Junoesque' position, which can only be done with practice"
'Elephant Cow' Position
4 positions to choose from

1. 'Cup'- "In the 'cup,' both partners stretch out both of their two legs straight. There are 2 variants: the 'cup lying on the side' or 'the cup supine,' according to the way the act is done
2. 'Squeeze'- "If, as soon as he has penetrated her in the 'cup' her squeezes her two thighs together tightly, it becomes the squeeze"
3. 'Circle' - "If she then crosses her thighs, it becomes the 'circle'
4. 'Mare's Trap' -" Can only be done with practice, she grasps him, like a mare, so tightly that he cannot move"
Unusual Sexual Acts
- "sex standing up"
-"sex like a cow"- on all fours, entry from behind
-"sex in a cluster"- 2 women together
-"sex with a herd of cows"- many women together
-"sex below"- anal sex
-does not mention male on male sexual acts
Tantric Sex
Book of origin- Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

- sexual health can be improved naturally by Tantra Yoga and Tantric Sex
-creates a strong mind/body/spirit connection
-multiple,powerful orgasms
-stimulate and increase secretion of the pineal and pituitary glands
- frequent orgasms= eliminate stress and depression
-decrease in menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections, week immune functions, incontinence
-stimulates blood circulation
-detoxifies body through breath

How to have a Tantric Orgasm
Setting the space
-Use all senses= fragrances, candles, music and dress
Tantric Sexuality and the Awakening
-sit cross legged or on knees in front of each other
-move palm or finger tips all over partners body to awaken the nerves
-no touching the genitals
Preparing yourself for Tantric sex
- awaken the 9 chakras
-massage down own the body
Awakening the Kundalini
-sexual energy
-sit behind partner and massage in multiples of 9 then switch
Heightening the Arousal
-turn and sit with backs facing each other
-place one hand on heart and one on genitals and massage
- sway back and forth slowly and in sync with partner
Merging the Sexual Energy
- face each other and sit down cross-legged
-again one hand on heart and one on genitals
-look into partners eyes
-lean back on in breath and forward on out breath
Uniting in Tantric Sex
-women sits on mans lap, still facing him
- man penetrates woman and woman locks him in her thighs
-one hand between partners should blade and one on partners buttocks
-gaze into partners eyes and seal lips together
-sway with each other than finally start thrusting
Implications for Clinicians
-helpful to have a wide range of sexual knowledge, including unconventional sexual acts and beliefs

-might be related to culture or religion

- some parts of the Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex can be helpful for clients
Alternative Sex Philosophies:
Kamasutra & Tantric Sex
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