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Video Workshop

No description

Sydney Cisco

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Video Workshop

Video Workshop
creating the C.A.L.L. brand through media

- create a cohesive set of videos
- cater to the audience
- set a high quality standard
- educate online
Multimodal Communication
Breaking it down...
- visual
- audio
- written messages
- plot
- copyrights
- branding
Visual components
- lighting
- angles
- setting
- dress
- text
- transitions

Rules of thumb:
- needs to be flattering
- even lighting
- go natural
- avoid harsh light
- diffuse light
We have the technology...
- Always overhead & downward
(avoid raccoon eyes & horror lighting)
*off to the side to create dimension

-Goal is to create even light on
both the subject and the blue wall

-Windows are a great source
- Reflect light onto subject
- Scrim can diffuse light from harsh sun
- Even out splotchy lighting on subject (i.e. standing under tree)
- Bouncing light in any situation
* Used indoors as well
- high quality sound is crucial
- sound equipment
- be aware of mics showing/rubbing
- avoid background noise
- background music at low volume
- Engage the audience
- Plan everything
- Don't complicate

Silver reflector
Consistent vs. inconsistent lighting
Evening shadows
Reflecting in shade
Using the scrim

- Always play it safe

- When in doubt, ask

- Instrumental music

- Logos

Branding Suggestions
- ASU colors & official font:
maroon, gold & neutrals
bold helvetica

- Avoid crazy, sparkling, screeching transitions and title slides

- Keep it minimal but not boring

- Short introduction clips are recommended
harsh sunlight
even, diffused light
- Recording on campus: early mornings and during class times

- Blue screening is difficult: even out lighting on subject & screen
avoid backgrounds that are too bold
or inconsistent perspective

- Take your time, be patient, and have fun!
"more than one way of presenting an idea" (DeVoss)

text, color, video, music, gestures, etc.
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