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Nicolle O

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Cuba

Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas. North America. Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. Mogotes: dome-shaped rock formations Bay of Santiago de Cuba Mountains Cuba's current leader is Raúl Castro. 1959: Fidel Castro led a Communist revolution and overthrew the President. Currency October 10- Independence Day There are TWO official currencies in Cuba. Cuban peso May 1- Labor Day to honor the workers Cuban convertible peso In 1976, Fidel Castro was elected Independence from Spain became official in 1902 Landmarks 5th largest building in the world In 1886, slavery in Cuba was abolished January 28- birthday of Jose Marti(father of Cuban Independence Garlic Festival Jazz Plaza Festival La Habana(Havana) is the capital. Sub-tropical climate Rainy(May-Oct)
Dry(Nov-April) http://www.drakecentral.info/cuba/Geography/climate.htm




















http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_meaning_of_the_Cuban_flag&altQ=What_does_the_blue_color_on_the_map_of_cuba_mean Citations Congri: a mix of rice, black beans, and bacon. Plantains: green or overripe bananas cooked and sweetened. Cuban dishes fuse Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines together. Lunch usually consists of empanadas (chicken or meat turnovers) Cuban sandwiches are usually eaten for lunch or at midnight Pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard Mango bread is popular throughout Central America Mango bread can be eaten as a dessert or snack. Capitolio Building Cost about $20 million dollars Cuban architects, North America companies, French Landscapers and Italian sculptors Presidential palace Cuban Congress till 1959 Plaza de Catedral Last square laid out in old Havana Said they had remains of Christopher Columbus Royal proclamation prevented due to preservation of common goods. Had flooding and a water borne diseases caused considerable mortality When it dried up, the rich built their homes here. Plaza de Armas The square became the bureaucratic and military force of Havan. Dominated by Palacio de los Capitanes Generals and residence. East side was dominated by Castillo de la Real Fuerza. South side is where the US embassy original located. Middle is a garden with Carlos Manuel de Cépedes. Plaza de San Francisco de Asis Second oldest Plaza. First Franciscan convent was in 1591 Between here and Plaza des Armas, people of Havan settled. Heart of Havana Fidel Castro and the Pope in 1998 visited. Plaza Vieja Is bounded by Calle Mercaderes, San Ignacio, Brasil and Muralla. Originally it was suppose to be totally residential. The square was used for public entertainment. Monks requested an open market in 1835. When the market closed, it was replaced by an amphitheater. Cuba is a Communist country. Also known as the national peso. Cuban convertible pesos are 25 times more valuable than national pesos. People in Cuba have a slightly higher life expectancy then US. Highest doctor to population ratio, sent doctors around the world. Has the best heath care systems in the world Parents who teach their children about contrary to government, go to jail. Officially an Atheist state but many people are Catholic. Permission to use the internet, if not, go to jail. US tried to invade Cuba many times from Florida. Cuba is famous for its cigars Baseball is the most commonly played game in Cuba Majority speak Spanish but also Haitian Creole and English. Harvesting period
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