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Code Talker

No description

Caroline Munoz

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Code Talker

The Main characters in the book were:
-Ned Begay -Tommy Nez
-Georgia Boy -Smitty
-Ira -Wilsie
In School
Cultural Pride: The Navajos had cultural pride because they remembered that the white people (Americans) weren't better, nor worse than Navajos. And that the Navajos could be a really good asset in the war.
Courage: The Navajos had courage because they
had to take beatings for speaking their language,
hide in fox holes, and carry a heavy radio strapped
to their chest and still survived while they ran to the beach and still lived and they sent the messages during the war.

Code Talker By: Joseph Bruchac
By: Max M, Ben H, Chris J, Ryan A, Caroline M, and the most famous Navajo Code Talkers.

Identity: In the book, Ned had identity because he was proud to be a Navajo. When he was in boarding school, he was told that his culture was bad, but he still didn't give up his identity to white men and teachers.

Ned finds out that the Marines are trying out a code talking program. Will he be able to join? Can he keep up with the program? Will he fail? Read the story to figure out

Hope: Ned and the Navajos had hope because they were treated horribly during there times growing up. They were abused and stripped away from their culture. But they hadn't lost hope because they knew that hope and good luck would come to them
" 'My relative, you will return to balance again,' that bigger boy, who's name I later learned was Jesse Chee, whispered in my ear in Navajo. 'The Holy People have not forgotten you.' "(Bruchac, pg.24)
"For some reason, we had developed a reputation, so when he handed me my pill he would watch closely as I put into my mouth." (Bruchac, pg 121)
Cultural Pride

" There was a time when ominous words like those from Tokyo Rose had made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Now those broadcasts just amused me."(Bruchac, 198
" 'My relative, you will return to balance again,' that bigger boy, who's name I later learned was Jesse Chee, whispered in my ear in Navajo. 'The Holy People have not forgotten you.' "(Bruchac, pg.24)
Ned Begay
Ned is the main character of the book. He is a Navajo Indian. He was a normal boy until he was forcefully stripped away from his culture and sent to a white boarding school. At the age of 16, he became a Marine.
Tommy Nez
Tommy is one of Ned's firsts friends in boarding school. He would always get into trouble for speaking Navajo.
Georgia Boy
Georgia Boy was a man that went to the same boot camp as Ned. He becomes good friends with Ned as they become Marines.
Ned's journey
Ned went to boarding school because it was the white man's way. During his years of school, he heard about Pearl Harbor. He signed up to be a Marine at 16.
Iwo Jima, Guam, Pearl Harbor, Executive Order 9066

WWII Events
Iwo Jima- Georgia Boy and Ned were fighting the battle of Iwo Jima
Guam- Ned was heading to Guam, but they were told to hold their position
Pearl harbor- Ned was in high school when he was listening to the radio about the Pearl Harbor attack
Executive Order 9066- Ned was listening to F.D.R. informing the Japs about Japanese Internment Camps
Code Talker Events
Pearl Harbor
When Ned was in High School, he studied the Japanese. He instantly fell in love until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
"I really want to read this, but I don't have a skull. Or bones." -Olaf
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