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No description

nia moore

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Oligarchy

By:Nia Moore

An Oligarchy is a small group of people having control of a country.

China an oligarchy or an one-party "democracy"?, because the top of the party are usually making the choices.
Cuba[ some people consider it to be an oligarchy]
3 countries that are an Oligarchy
Low Class[They have to no power, no rights and have to fight for what they want.]
Middle[ They have no power,they maybe have some rights but they do have land or some money.]
High[ They have land,wealth and rights but they may or may not have a chance to have power.]
Rulers[ They have all the power they get to vote, have rights and have a say in everything.]
lifestyle in oligarchy/ rights
A small group of people run an Oligarchy
In an Oligarchy for you to have power is by you were born into the position or you were elected.
Sometimes it depends on how much money or land you have in order to be in the council.
Who and How?

Citizens have no vote and must put up with whatever their rulers decide to do with them.
The controllers have freedom to rule how ever they want to without rules.
Are there rules that everyone must follow including the leaders must obey.
The people play the workers and the slaves.
What role do the citizens play?
This principle was called the Iron Law of Oligarchy. The Iron Law of. Oligarchy ... usually a full-time job, or at least a major part of their life.
what are the major principles of the government?
Are there any economy's that usually accompanies this gov ?
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