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No description

Le'Deshia Dinkins

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Eitqutte

Food Etiquette chew with mouth close Dont spit food into napkin Dont put elbows on table Dont not play with your food
or utensil ShoW good manners
at the dinner table Business Etiquette Be on time or even a
little early Dont drink any acoholic
beverages Dont be the first to
finish eating.Take your time Go with a positive attitude.
Be sure to show good manners If you get serve the wrong food Dont make a big deal. Show good manners. tell the waiter in a respectful
way What Not To Do At A Table; What Not To Do At The Table; Dont Let out gases Dont Let Out Gas Dont be loud & talk over
people You shouldnt have
your celluar device on Dont try to save food Table Setup Formal Informal
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