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Why should we have American Sign Language(ASL) in our school?

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Lauren Gearhart

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Why should we have American Sign Language(ASL) in our school?

American Sign Language
What defines a language?

Is it how we speak to each other?
Is it gestures we use to show somethings?
Is it symbols? (Dictionary)Language: system of conventional spoken, written symbols or gestures used by people in a shared culture to communicate with each other. ASL is a language used all around the world to connect people. How does this benifit our students? ASL educates students in interpretation and communcation skills necessary to work with the deaf community. Students who study ASl gain access to the rich cultural heritage of that community. Students will learn about other aspects of American Deaf culture. Students will find that they gain a new presective on how human languages are structed. Study of ASL will provide practical traning for students entering a range of professions. Grammar:

Every language has it own grammar.

It helps guide the users in speaking correctly or in ASl siging correctly. Syntax:

Is the discilpine that examines the rules of a language that detects how the various parts of a sentence go together. English:

I saw a beautiful red car today.


TODAY CAR BEAUTIFUL RED I SAW. ASL is used all over the world today.

Its used by deaf men, women and children but aslo hearing. ASL is considered to be the 4th most commonly used langauge in the world today. Why should we not let our students explore this language? Quote:

Just a thought.... it is interesting to see that DEAF people can function in the hearing world very well while hearing people cannot function in the DEAF world. If hearing people would take the time to learn our langauge,they would beable to function
~ Anonymous Bringing this into our school will allow students to interact with the DEAF community. Quote:

Learning to sign without interaction with deaf people, is like learning to swim without water.
~ Bill Vicars We should have ASL in our language department!! Through learning a new language that uses a different way of expression than the oral-auditory, students will begin to discover properties that are common to all languages. It's a unique way for our students to learn a new language and use it inside and out of the classroom.

It will allow our school for a more diverse opportunity of learning.

Learning a new language is never easy, but if you have the heart and drive to continue to learn, you will have accomplished something great!
~ Daniel Pots (ASL student)
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