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Sexuality and Coming out

About your sexuality and how hard it can be for Same sex couples and impact it has on them in society

Jade Westendorf

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Sexuality and Coming out

Sexuality and Coming Out Kurt and Blaine Mentally someones sexual orientation can make them feel worried about how people may perceive it and they could become very self concious and try and hide how they feel from everyone. Socially They can lie to their friends and act Heterosexual to hide. But then sometimes if they come out, friends could become uncomfortable with the person and could exclude them from things they did before they came out. Physically they could be do something different to that of their gender. Like males may find dancing fun or women could do footy and feel discrimanated on for what they love. It's not what society thinks is right it's what you love to do. They could be teased about this by peers or people in their teams which may make them unhappy and stop the sport all together. Children that are homosexual are bullied most at school and sometimes that can have a great effect on the person. Alot of the time the end result of this can be Suicide. Studies show
Homosexuals are 4 times more likly to commit suicide during youth. It also says that they are 8 times more likly to have attempted suicide during youth. Coming out can mean different things to many people.
One of the most used meaning is to express your sexuality usually for the same sex. This usually means a person will tell another person they are Homosexual or bisexual which can be difficult for the person. As they grow used to their feelings they can become comfortable with it. Coming out can be difficult for anyone, Young or old.
Some think the reactions they will get from saying something
will leave them alone without any support. We live in a world where it can be bad to be gay or " Different". Australia still hasnt legalised gay marriage which can discriminate and make Homosexuals feel left out. Most people these days will accept homosexuals and it is slowly becoming an openly accepted thing. The word gay is mostly associated with men who have strong feeling for the same sex. Men that have these feeling can Lesbian usually is associated with womens sexuality. Its not uncommon for women to explore more of their sexuality as a teen with other women. For them to carry on with this into adulthood they usually need a strong physical and emotional attraction towards women. shows signs of it from an early age or in their teens. Most people do develope these attraction in their teens because its usually a time of experimentation. Some people beleive a person becomes gay from social interactions or genetic influences. Bisexual is mostly related with both males and females that feel attracted to both females and males. This can be hard because they are pressured to either be classified as Homosexual or heterosexual. Their is no real reason for a person to become Bisexual but some scientists beleive we are born with our sexual orientation. Suicide among Teens About Coming out Types of sexuality Gay
Heterosexual Heterosexual is mostly between a man and a women and is considered the natural way by most people. This way is accepted and has more rights than the others. Reference


www.google.com.au/images Finding someone to talk to. Sometimes it can be hard to come to terms with your sexuality. Especially if your telling yourself you need to be normal and heterosexual. You can become confused about how you feel and sometimes put on an act for others just to hide the truth. A way to stop the confusion is to talk to someone you trust about your feelings. If its not your best friend then a family member or a counsellor who would keep things confidential. Sometimes having someone help you understand yourself can be better then not knowing and wondering what if. Relationships Homosexual relationships can be the same as a normal relationship. Statistics show that these relationships have a higher rate of abuse then heterosexual relationships. Its only that this abuse isnt reported to anyone. But these relationships can also have a good loving environment for children if they ever wanted to adopt. Sometimes these relationships will last a lot longer than a normal relationship but statistics show they have a fraction of the length of a normal relationship. http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=IS04C02

http://www.conservapedia.com/Homosexual_Couples_and_Domestic_Violence Dimensions of health The End By Jade westendorf
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