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John Bauer

No description

Sheyenne Smith

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of John Bauer

1882 - 1918 born on the fourth of June in in Jonkoping, Sweden

famous for his fairytale themed illustrations Bauer grew up with two brothers and a sister. He lived in an apartment above his father's butcher shop. His sister, Anna Bauer, died at 13. PROFESSIONAL CAREER He is regarded alongside Rackham and Nielsen, two other illustrators popular at the time. The three were influenced by one another, providing inspiration.

He lived in the time of romanticism and through the rise of symbolism. Both influenced his work.

Many fantasy and fairytale illustrators look to Bauer's work for inspiration, even today. Arthur Rackham Kay Nielsen Östra Torget (East Square) At sixteen, he went to Stockholm to study art. Two years later, he was accepted at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. John Bauer illustrated for Bland Tomtar och Troll (Among Elves and Trolls), a yearly Christmas publication. Through this commission, Bauer gained popularity with the Swedish people. John Bauer, his wife, Esther Ellquist, and his three-year-old son, Bengt, died on the Per Brahe on their way to Stockholm. Bauer was aged 36 at his time of death. He met his future wife, Ester Ellquist at the academy. They married in 1906. PERSONAL LIFE 1898 - moved to Stockholm to study art
1900 - accepted at the Swedish Royal Academy Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson were popular Swedish artists at the time and influenced Bauer greatly. Still a student, he received his first large commission: to illustrate for Lange, Lange Sedan (Long, Long Ago); a collection of fairy tales by Anna Wahlenberg. Carl Larson Anders Zorn 1904 - commissioned to illustrate a book on Lapland. 1907-1910 - painted for Bland Tomtar och Troll 1910 - at this point, illustrating for almost every famous Swedish storyteller 1912-1915 - returned to Bland Tomtar och Troll 1918 - death ART Reoccurring theme: the princess Reoccurring theme: the trolls sketches Reoccurring theme: fairy tale and mythological creatures foreground background middleground background Simplification foreground middleground SOURCES

http://www.gruvstugan.com/bauer.htm (on his death; in Swedish)
http://polarbearstale.blogspot.ca/2010/06/esther-ellqvist-1880-1918-wife-of-john.html THE END
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