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Building an Army

US History Honors WWII Project

Alec Tello

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Building an Army

What WE started to do. Building an Army Creating an Army. The nation's army was ready for the act of duty. Peacetime Draft New Recruits You're in the Army Now. Segregated Army Woman Join the Army What WE started to do. First Draft in American History
Requirements for 18-45 years of age Recruitments Techniques Propaganda
Patriotism Physical Exams
Shots against Smallpox and Typhoid
Issued uniforms Training in Army Eight week Training Camp
Learned to work together
Learned to handle weapons, load backpacks, read maps, make tents, and dig trenches Double V Campaign urging African Americans to support the War
To achieve a double victory over both Hitler's and racism abroad Life in the Army Had different missions than white male soldiers
Some trained in Tuskegee Alabama and became known as the Tuskegee Airmen Women in the Armed Forces Wanted to be part of the regular army and not just in the auxiliary corps
Women's Army Corps (WAC) formed to replace WAAC
They were engineers, pilots, and nurses.
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