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The Odyssey: Book 9

Lia Pomerenk, Daisy Todd, Dong Eun Lim, Sophie Sartain

Lia Pomerenk

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Book 9

Character Descriptions/
SAT Vocabularies
Dong Eun
SAT Words
The brave and wise King of Ithaca. Because of Zeus' thunderstorm, Odysseus' ship landed on the Cyclops's cave. Great danger welcomed Odysseus and his crews, but Odysseus' wisdom tricked Polyphemus and save his crews from danger.
One-eyed Giants in isolated land.

One of the Cyclops, who lives separated from others, in land. Also, he is the son of Poseidon.
He tries to eat up all Odysseus' crews, but tricked by Odysseus and blinded.
He begs Poseidon to make Odysseus never return to Ithaca.
The god of the Sea and father of Polyphemus.
Because Odysseus make Polyphemus blind, Poseidon will going to seek revenge on Odysseus.

Mutinous (adj.)
"Then I urged to cut and run, set sail, but would they listen? Not those
fools; there was too much wine to swill, too many sheep to slaughter down along the beach, and shambling longhorn cattle," (9.51).
Frantic (adj.)
Lustrous (adj.)
"True enough, Calypso the
goddess tried to hold me back, deep in her arching caverns, craving me for a husband," (9. 34.).
"The monster wrenched the spike from his eye and our it came with a red geyser of blood-he flung it aside with
hands, and made with pain he bellowed out for help from his neighbor Cyclops," (9.445).
Use frantic hands to describe the insane of Polyphemus
Epic Conventions / SAT Words
The Odyssey: Book 9
Honors English, Period 5
Lia Pomerenk, Daisy Todd, Dong Eun Lim,
Sophie Sartain

Epic Conventions
Summary: Book 9
"What pains - the gods have given me my share" (9.16).
Deus ex Machine
"I am Odysseus... my fame has reached the skies" (9.21-22).
"Calypso the lustrous goddess tried to hold me back... craving me for a husband" (9.34-35).
"Its crackling roots blazed and hissed - as a blacksmith plunges a glowing ax or adze into an ice-cold bath and the metal screeches steam and its temper hardens..." (9.437-440).
Extended Simile
"They sat to the oars in ranks and in rhythm churned the water white with stroke on stroke" (9.199-200).
Elevated Speech
SAT Words
A shrub or tree, native to the Mediterranean region, having aromatic evergreen leaves and small blackish berries.

"We spied a cavern just at the shore, gaping above the surf, towering, overgrown with laurel" (9.202-203).
Laurel (noun)
A steeply projecting mass of rock forming part of a rugged cliff or headland.

"He bellowed out for help from his neighbor cyclops living round about in caves on windswept crags" (9.446-447).
Crag (noun)
A beverage, especially an intoxicating beverage.

"'Here, Cyclops, try this wine... I brought it here to make you a fine libation..." (9.388-391).
Libation (noun)
& Men
Odysseus and men plunder
Neighboring island assists
They fight
Odysseus and men flee
10 days
"Land of the lotus eaters" (214. 94)
Land of the cyclops
"Cyclops coast" (215. 130)
hunt mountain goats
Odysseus and men spot cyclops' cave; they "failed to find [the] host himself inside" (218. 242.)
drink wine, eat cheese, build fire
Cyclops returns- Odysseus asks for hospitality
Cyclops refutes; "you must be a fool, stranger or come from nowhere, telling me to fear the gods..." (220. 307-308)

Odysseus ponders escape, but they cannot move the slab
Eats 2 more men, then another 2
Odysseus wants revenge
Odysseus devises a plan
Gives the name "nobody"
Odysseus gets the Polyphemus drunk- passes out
Stabs eye with hot stake
Neighboring cyclops' gather- hearing screams
"Nobody is killing [him]" (224.454)
Cyclops is blinded- men hide behind sheep
Polyphemus moves slab- men flee
Odysseus declares his real name
Polyphemus wants revenge- looks to Poseidon;
"...grant that Odysseus, raider of cities...never reaches home" (228. 588-590)
Odysseus and men return to sea!
Wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion; insane
(of a soldier or sailor) refusing to obey the orders of a person in authority.
1. radiant in character or reputation : Illustrious
2. reflecting light evenly and efficiently without glitter or spark.
They're trapped; Polyphemus (the cyclops) eats 2 more men
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