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how companies cope

No description

maria rosa

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of how companies cope

How Do Companies Cope? Rule #5 More business will be
done by collaborating
within companies. Technology, marketing, and
manufacturing are becoming
complex. "... the next layers of innovation
invovle the intersection of very advanced specialies," head of IBM Joel Cawely Special kinds of skills will be in demand in the flat world. Rule #6 "X-raying" is refering to a company being broken down by ech individual component of the business to examine. Each component is identified as if it is an expense or income for the company. "We were doing our own chest
X-rays and discovered we had
assets that other people
cared about,and that is a
business." Maureen Conway, HP
Vice President.
Rule #7 Companies outsource
for faster innovation
and to grow quicker. People don't outsource to save money LRN employees are given
an online education like
company code of conduct
tests to when they can
receive a gift.
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