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No description

Christina Benet

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of CHIAPAS

Promotes the handwork of artisans from indigenous commuties in CHIAPAS
Southernmost state in Mexico
Home to ancient Maya
Large indigenous population
56 linguistic groups
Communities can no longer provide for own needs through traditional agriculture (corn, coffee, beans)
handcrafts are produced to bring in extra income
Oniria brings handcrafts from the communities of Zinacantán, Larráinzar, Chamula and Simojovel
Textiles are the most important handcraft in Chiapas
The cloth is weaved on a backstrap loom
Natural dyes from insects are used
Maya textiles transmit ideas or messages
The Maya woman weaves her personal story and identity on her creations.
Her garment is her memory where she keeps mythical stories and ancestral concepts on the cosmos
Several centuries ago, the Maya developed a magnificent culture.
Around the 10th century the great Maya cities were suddenly abandoned; nevertheless the Maya did not disappear
The Maya still keep their tradition and their native tongues as well as their traditional clothing
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