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Georgia Third Grade Social Studies Review

No description

Cyndi Henderson

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Georgia Third Grade Social Studies Review

Third Grade
Social Studies
Review Paul Revere: Independence

Paul Revere helped the United States fight for independence.

Paul Revere was a patriot during the time of the American Revolution who lived in a city where many British soldiers were quartered. Liberty's Kids "Midnight Ride" Part 1 Liberty's Kids
"Midnight Ride"
Part 2 Frederick Douglass: Civil Rights Frederick Douglass escaped from slavery before publishing an antislavery newspaper. Frederick Douglass was a former African-American
slave who lived during the Civil War era and became
an abolitionist. Women's Rights Susan B. Anthony was an advocate for women's rights. Susan B. Anthony lived during a time period when women did not have the same rights as men. Mary McLeod Bethune was born into a poor South Carolina family but was determined to get an education. Mary McLeod Bethune lived during a time that children of a specific background did not receive the same quality of education as other children. Mary McLeod Bethune helped established a school for young African American women. Mary McLeod Bethune: Education for All Franklin D. Roosevelt:
New Deal & World War II FDR was the 32nd President of the United States. FDR lived during a time of the Great Depression when many people were homeless and out of work, also lived during a time when much of the world was at war. FDR became infected with the disease Polio in 1921. President Roosevelt kept his political career alive while recovering from his disease by having his wife, Eleanor, speak for him. Eleanor Roosevelt:
United Nations &
Human Rights Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of President Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt lived during a time when many people
in countries around the world did not have
basic rights and freedoms. Thurgood Marshall:
Civil Rights & Segregation of Schools Thurgood Marshall was an African American who lived during a time of discrimination and prejudice. Thurgood Marshall was not allowed to attend the University of Maryland Law School because he was an African American. Court case:
Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas 1954 Thurgood Marshall was first African American Supreme Court Justice. Lyndon B. Johnson:
Great Society & Voting Rights Cesar Chavez:
Worker’s Rights Lyndon B. Johnson was the 36th President of United States. LBJ lived during a time when people were denied civil and voting rights based on their backgrounds. Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American. Cesar Chavez described the working condition of migrant farm workers as dingy and overcrowded, no job security, and little pay and benefits. Cesar Chavez led movements to improve conditions of
migrant farm workers. http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/liberty-s-kids-05-midnight-ride-1-2---46116?v0c030030-5877-012d-539a-2a8794d6b62a http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/liberty-s-kids-05-midnight-ride-2-2---18016?v1b8e1ea0-21ba-012d-d2ed-0a4e2106099e http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/biography-need-to-know-frederick-douglass?va272cc10-4e86-012d-4126-2a8794d6b62a http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/fredrick-douglass-an-american-slave---5088347?vc2e5ef86-ad6e-4019-8be4-820e1f1a2af9 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/mini-bio-susan-b-anthony---5089706?v02d118f8-78d3-4f92-b8d6-ff603ff26125 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/susan-b-anthony-fighter-for-freedom-and-equality---5089651?veb2c0919-c71d-4207-9e6e-1a3b3fce2889 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/mary-mcleod-bethune---5091689?vbf3b7d79-e2e2-4be3-b674-df1d693946a4 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/mini-bio-franklin-d-roosevelt---5101718?vad867677-e897-4bbb-9d08-d370071a409b http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/president-franklin-d-roosevelt-biography---5101944?v9eb22a8e-291d-4d98-bff7-6763803cbf58 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/today-in-history-for-december-7th---1452187?vc72f3760-34ae-012f-637c-5a19bdc67c1e http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/mini-bio-eleanor-roosevelt---5105868?v28a41be5-1326-4e37-a2fe-0c8f15faf446 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/eleanor-roosevelt-her-star-still-shines---5105708?v6c38f8b6-971c-4171-b7fe-92ad80470471 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/our-history-in-black-thurgood-marshall---5115828?vff68e701-e107-4c97-8cdb-25f5c0c61a6d http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/brown-vs-board-of-education-thurgood-marshall-www-blogtalkradio-com-thegistoffreedom---1485741?ve2ef2800-3803-012f-8c9f-72d031a1cd77 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/brown-vs-board-of-education-documentary---2738411?vb585cc20-dd10-012f-1888-02aa22cab53c http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/thurgood-marshall-a-short-movie---5118037?v732b6dbd-8334-413b-875b-f8cad4d16df8 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/cesar-chavez-embrace-the-legacy-5-min-ufw-video http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/the-life-of-cesar-chavez---2151000?v5c57bd30-7ab4-012f-58f8-569eeb3c0b2d http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/cesar-chavez-from-the-fight-in-the-fields---5443139 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/disney-the-american-presidents-lyndon-b-johnson---4543486?vcaa900d0-276e-0130-4eb9-5a1da67c7a37 http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/president-lyndon-b-johnson-biography---1603700?v53681f00-436e-012f-ea78-4ac770a9bf69 When southern senators attempted to prevent the Civil Rights Act of 1957 from passing, President Johnson put together a compromise that helped the act to pass. He signed the voting rights act of 1965. http://www.mybigcampus.com/items/lyndon-b-johnson-his-life-and-legacy---5118965?v778ddbd5-1b34-4985-93ae-ef28ad59fefd
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