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Call of Duty

First Person Shooter Game that has Rocked the Gaming World.

Erica Mastoroudis

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Call of Duty

There was nothing about these teenagers, nothing that marked them beyond any reservation or shadow of doubt that they shared one of the most popular pastimes in the world... They have been coined by society simply , and quite fittingly, as gamers. The Call of Duty series has collectively sold over 55 million units world wide..raking in over 3 billion in retail sales in the process. But what is a First Person Shooter Game? According to gaming authorities, it is a 3D video game centered on projectile -based combat from the first person perspective. The game franchise was launched in 2003 by a coalition of major game developers. Gamers have described it as a game "based on a war that has not happened yet". What is Call of Duty? Wondering how to play?........ Of course you are. The first thing a gamer does is select who he wants to communicate with online via headset. They then select the race and get-up of their avatar. you could choose to be a soldier that looks like this guy. A US marine. or you could be this guy.... A Middle Eastern soldier. Hmm...Ironic? Anyways, a player then choses and "emblem" or crest to be identified with. Then a gamer tag must finally be chosen.
This could be absolutely anything.... like Luke_Guystalker or BURNS_to_PEE and of course thnx_4ridn_mypowny Choose your terrain and start shooting a head shot is worth 100 points. any other shot counts for 50. there is no lives count.....the player simply "respawns". Welcome to the Zone It all looks something like this: A Kill Streak is three or more kills in a row every game type has a different objective. Either capture a territory. Play with a team to take out
another online team. A Free for All: every one
just shoots eachother. And a variety of other
team objective games. And now for some statistics. About 1.3 million
people play Call
of Duty 4
a day. Keep
in mind
that this
is only the
number on one of
the Call of Duty games. there are about
six other actual game
releases and sub-types. 46.5% or 5,654,643 people have beaten the game on any difficulty. That number is more than the population of Finland. The day Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
was released, it sold over 4.7 million copies in the first 24 hours. Well guys, I hope you enjoyed! I'll leave you with a trailer of Call of Duty 4. It is played mainly by males of 17 and older. They can begin playing again within seconds with no repercussions. this gives one a profound feeling of invinciblity and control. The most important aspect of the game is the kill-death ratio. It is basically the number of other players you can essentially take out before you yourself are killed... A prominent behavioral reasearcher, J. Baudillard had somethng to say about that: "...the aspect of 'transparancy', of being noticed and able to show off game-playing skills, in this case, killing, seemed to be of great importance." according to many other bahavioral and cyber psychologists, these first person shooter games have changed the stereotype of a gamer being a loner trying to escape into the world of fantasy 80% of people who play the game are members of "clans" or groups of friends that play in collaboration. it became a social pass time.
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