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Summer Programs

No description

Caitlin Jarvis

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Summer Programs

Comparative Health Policy
(Geneva, Amsterdam, Morocco) Survey of Current Issues in African Migration:
The Ghana Experience SUMMER 2013 FIND YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD Socio-Economic Enterprise in Post-Apartheid South Africa The Ascent of the Chinese Economy From Shoji to SANAA: Japan-ness in Architecture Singapore Summer Internship Program The Australian Sport Industry Caribbean Music Journey: Dominican Routes Cultural Politics in Contemporary Brazil:
The Role of Civil Society and Nongovernmental Organizations Ciudades del Sur: Landscape Urbanism and the South American City Dubai Summer Internship Program for Engineers Middle East Policy and Security Studies in Israel The Road to Democracy in the Islamic World Comparative Cultures and Advertising
Fashion Photography in London
International Finance-London
Inside the London Theater
Law Internships in London
Politics and Media in England
Sex, Gender, and the City
Reading Class and Economic Materiality: 19th-Century Fashion Cultures Paris Noir: Literature, Art, and Contemporary Life in Diaspora International Digital and Social Media Platforms Strasbourg Summer Session
Contemporary Chamber Intensive
Engineering Internships and Research Projects Graduate Internships in Geneva Berlin: Urban Forms and Utopian Fragments
Contemporary Art and Culture in Berlin The Culture and Politics of Reconciliation in Central Europe
(Strasbourg, Berlin, Wroclaw, Auschwitz, Krakow) Italian Film Studies and Production in Bologna Madrid Summer Session Three Cities Studio:
Florence, Madrid, Amsterdam Drug Policy in Global Perspective
(Amsterdam, Portugal) Olympic Odyssey
(London, Paris, Lausanne, Athens) Where do you want to go? Florence Summer Session London Based Programs
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