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Time Travel B

Day 8

Summer Roland

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Time Travel B

Day 8 - Time Travel B The initial and final positions of both vehicles are shown on one roadway. The vehicles travel at constant speed all the time - no stopping or going faster or slower. The truck is now going half as fast as it was in the first problem. When you get to question 2d, work with your partner to figure out the equation for calculating distance. Create this table in your note book.

Fill your table in with the information from these simple problems.

A bus drove at 75 km/h. How far did it travel in 2 hours?

A bird can fly at 8 m/s. How far can it travel in 10 seconds?

A snail can creep along at 5 cm/min. How far can it travel in an hour?

An arrow flying at 94 m/s struck the target in 1.8 s. How far away was the target? 75 km/h 8 m/s 5 cm/min. 94 m/s 2 h 10 s 60 min. 1.8 s 150 km 80 m 300 cm 169.2 m Let's look at problem 2E now on Time Travel B. READ: "First in Flight" and answer questions.
SOLVE: Speed and Distance Practice A and B problems
COMPLETE: Response Sheet - Speed.
********** ALL GOES IN YOUR NOTEBOOK************
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