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The Wisdom of the Crowd

Learn how and why Bookvetter works so well

Kristin Brackett

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Wisdom of the Crowd


~The Wisdom of the Crowd~
The purpose of Bookvetter is to accurately measure the content of books.
At Bookvetter, content is measured by the crowd versus "experts".
It has been proven that the aggregate answers of a crowd will be more accurate than the single answer of an expert.
Connecting people,
This book was
This book needs
This book is
Jane Doe
The Great Adventure
Reviews are standardized to ensure that all books are treated the same.
creates better writers.
More eyes, more reviews...
Honest, unbiased feedback can...
...turn books like this...
Better writers
Write great books
Join the Bookvetter community today and start
connecting your world in a way that matters.
Your participation is needed.
Matching books with the right reviewers is the first step.
...more reviews, more accurate feedback.
Next, reviewers rate the content.
The Bookvetter crowd, is a community of writers,
Reviews are
in order to prevent review trading or reprisals.
The Great Adventure
Jane Doe
That are loved by readers
And like you, they need honest and unbiased feedback.
...into books like this.
Just like YOU
it could be the key to your future
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