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No description

Alaa Mabrouk

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Proof

Enlarge University students' Horizon to include other sciences , they're already studying .

Help & Support students who've joined faculties can't reach up to their Dreams & Ambitions in the scientific field .

To add new spots on the Egyptian Scientific map .
Provide " students with ideas for scientific projects " with Supervisors , represented in Professors & Doctors , who're specialists in the needed fields to help making Dreams come TRUE !!
What's needed ?
Students with scientific ideas .

Supervisors " Profs, Doctors .. etc."

Organizers : students who act like link between students and supervisors .

Knowledge of the needed fields to know the exact number of Supervisors needed .
Reach enough number of students

Reach equal number of Supervisors .

Provide an organizer for every student .

Set a detailed timetable for the whole process .

Proof " science project "
Lack of efficient or sufficient Supervisors .

Absence of Permission for us to go and meet Doctors or even enter another Faculties other than ours .

Lack of commitment in general , in all involved students ( Thinkers & Organizers ) .
On the positive Side :
It's easy to find students ( Thinkers & Organizers )

It's easy to find connections - up till now - with Professors in Faculties ( Pharmacy , Medicine Science & Engineering )
Waiting for opinion :) and ..
By :
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