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Chester A. Arthur

Presidential Report

DeAnna Ranheim

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Chester A. Arthur

October 1829-November 1886 Chester A. Arthur Birth and
Early Years Presidency * He was born in North Fairfield,
Vermont, on October 5, 1829

* He was the youngest out of five children

* His mother was Malvina Stone and his father was
William Arthur

* The family moved a lot until Chester was ten years old and
they finally settled in Union Village, New York.

* They moved to Schenectady, New York, when
Chester was 15.
*At fifteen Arthur enrolled at Union
College in Schenectady and he graduated
in 1848.

* He studied the Greek and Roman Classics

* Arthur was an average student

* He did not approve of slavery!

* After college he taught for a few years Education 1854- Became a law clerk for Erastus Culver. They were both against slavery!

Also in 1854 The Kansas- Nebraska Act Passed. Culver and Arthur saw an opportunity to help halt the expansion of slavery with this act.

1856- Arthur joined the newly formed Republican Party.

1861- appointed Quartermaster Early Jobs

1861 and 1862- He worked closely with the Republican Governor as a

1862-Arthur became friends with Roscoe Conkling who was an eager
politician. They joined together and were the perfect team.

1863-Arthur got a job as counsel to the New York Tax Commission

1871 He became collector of the New York Customhouse.

1877 President Hayes demanded an investigation of corrupt practices
in the major customhouses in the United States. Arthur became
more popular because he was one of the few honest people investigated.

1879- Arthur became the Chairman of the New York Republican Party.

1880-James Garfield became the republican nominee for president.
Surprisingly he chose Arthur to be his vice president running mate. Political Career Family Chester Arthur married Ellen Lewis Herndon in 1859. They set up a home together at 34 West 21st Street in New York.

Chester and Ellen had a child named William in 1863. He died when he was only two. They went on to have two more children that survived to adulthood, Chester Jr. (1864- 1937) and Ellen (1871- 1915).

His wife, Ellen died of pneumonia in 1880. She never got to see him become president. Ellen Arthur Did You Know?
Arthur helped form the Republican Party.

He was an expert at getting along with people.

He was known for his Civil Service reform and his honesty..

He was nicknamed "Elegant Arthur" or the "Gentlemen
Boss" because of the fancy clothes he wore.

He loved fishing so much he even took a trip during his
presidency that was nicknamed the Presidential Sporting
Excursion of 1883. 1881
March 4th- Garfield sworn into office.
July 2nd- Garfield shot
September 19th- Garfield died
September 20th- Arthur was quietly sworn into office at 2:15 AM

Laws passed while he was president:
Pendleton Act
Tariff Act of 1883
First general federal immigration laws
He also spent a lot of time on Indian Affairs

He was too ill to run for president again.
He moved back to his New York house after his presidency and
died on November 18, 1886. President Garfield Ellen Arthur Chester Allen Arthur
21st President
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