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Beginning a lesson

No description

Andy Yeh

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Beginning a lesson

Beginning a lesson
Getting attention
Preliminary organization
Setting the scene
Linking the lesson beginning to what is to follow
Planning the lesson beginning
Starting confidently
Getting attention
Call the students to attention – signal
Tell students why you want them to attend
Observe students. Are they all listening?
Comment on their response
Start only when all students are attentive
Preliminary organization
Give clear instructions
Check they are understood
Only commence when you have everybody’s attention
Setting the scene
Reviewing students’ knowledge
Providing an overview of the lesson
Motivating students with an interesting lead-in activity
Linking the lesson beginning to what is to follow
Transition smoothly from lesson intro to the body of the lesson
Don’t digress
Clear explanation of task
Clear direction
Planning the lesson beginning
What organizational matters do I need to attend to?
How am I going to get attention?
Do I need to review students’ knowledge?
Should I explain the purpose of the lesson? If so, when?
Do I need an interesting lead-in activity?
How will I link the lesson beginning with the main part of the lesson?
Is the timing of my lesson beginning about right for the length of the lesson?
Starting confidently
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