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Diabetes education

No description

April Peters

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Diabetes education

Living with Diabetes Essentially, elevated blood sugar! What is diabetes? What can we do for it? And the big one... LIFESTYLE! What should we eat? Type 1: Immune system attacks insulin producing cells in the pancreas Type 2: Still producing insulin, but cells are resistant Insulin: basal, intermediate, and rapid acting Oral drugs: Metformin, Glicilizide, Glyburide Diet & Exercise Protein at each meal High
Fibre Unsaturated fat Every 4-6 hours When to Eat? Putting off eating can lead to overeating later! Read labels! How to choose what to eat Ingredient list

Nutrition info

Claims - 'low fat',
'reduced sodium' Stick to your plan

Pay attention to portions

Sauces on the side

Choose vegetables as sides How to eat out Know how many servings you need
Split servings between meals Meal Planning Diabetes
Guide Different types of carbs affect blood sugar differently Glycemic Index Low GI:
Whole grains
Temperate climate fruit Sugar or sugar subs? Fruit juice Sneaky Sources of Sugar Yogurt Pop Cereal Sucralose (Splenda)

Aspartame (Nutrisweet)


Sugar alcohols Physical Activity Just how much sugar is there? Drinks: So what happens if we skip a meal? What questions do YOU have? Decreases insulin resistance

Promotes sugar uptake into cells

Helps maintain healthy body weight

30 minutes/day
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